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What are the best 4s batteries for 250 racing!?!

Tyler Gates

Oct 6, 2016
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What are the best 4s batteries for 250 racing!?! I am looking for good inexpensive 4s batteries for my 250 quad. any suggestions?
Pulse 1350 75c
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how about TATTU 1550 4S or 1300 4s, they are both free shipping now these days .

According to some people the tattu 1300 4s are not as good as the 1550 4s. I think bardewell said something that they don't perform as well.
Well, they didn't do bad, and he only tested a single battery so... Anyways they are good batteries just depends on what price you can get them for. I know at one time they were super expensive.
i think ill stick with tattu and just go with the higher c rating so they last better. those motors are known to beat up on batteries.
point being here, if you know the normal draw, and get a couple batteries to test before dropping bill on the battery collecting... you can level out at something that works.

i only got two of those 75c batteries and will try them before deciding/ ordering the rest
One reason I like the 3" and 4" quads is that the batteries are crazy cheap. I use 3S 450mah, 4S 650mAh, 4S 850mAh all 75C. They are from about $12-15 except the 850's are $20. My favorite brand right now is Pulse, who mostly gives a 5C charge rating which is nice. But I haven't used a ton of different brands really.
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your right, it's not just about one battery spec. i fly a 3" daily and use 3s 850 75c when i want to relax and "tree bash" the back yard. 4s 850 45c for bigger punchy work on the more open front yard and 4s 850 75c when its time to get crazy.
i use the battery collecting as a lineup/ flight plan... if i feel relaxed i start with 3s and move up to holy s**t mode. if im feeling Randy... strap on 4s 75c and rip it straight away.
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