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  1. E

    Dji Avata 2: Acro Mode?

    Hi all, I've been wanting to get into fpv and I was considering purchasing an Avata 2. However, I want to be able to do full acro at some point and I was wondering if the Avata can do that. Ideally, I would buy the drone, some goggles, and a normal remote (not the motion controller) and be able...
  2. S

    One of my first flights in full manual (with a group called Drone Fanatics

    Since around two weeks I'v been flying in full manual mode with my DJI FPV. At first very scary, but now after practicing (also within DJI Virtual Flight) I'm getting better at it. I still fly high to be safe, so hopefully soon I'll post some low (and high-speed) videos. Here is one from me...
  3. E

    Drone gets crazy attitude control with air mode after moving front/side flipping.

    Hi, I recently replaced an old FC and ESC with a HGLRC Zeus35 Pro AIO FPV Racing Drone 3-6S F722 Flight Controller 35A. In general, flight test was working. However, when I set to air mode and am making a front/side flipping, my drone's attitude-control got so crazy as if the FC tried to enforce...
  4. Brushless FPV Junkie

    Betaflight 3.4.0+ Acro Trainer mode

    Recently bought an eachine x220s wizard and flashed betaflight 3.4.0 on it. Enabled Acro Trainer mode to learn acro mode flying in fpv. Anyone know how to increase max angle limit?
  5. B

    How long?

    how long did it take some of you from the time you started flying fpv in acro until you could consistently fly a very basic track? I’ve been flying in the liftoff simulator for a couple of months(not everyday) but i feel like I’m just not grasping the fine control thing. And it has resulted in...
  6. raymonFPV

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change!