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eachine wizard 220

  1. P

    Eachine Wizard x220 flight controller replacement?

    So I'm a real noob, and got a prebuilt as my first drone. Took my first massive crash a while back and have finally gotten round to fixing it. I had issues with motors spinning at different speeds and decided it was issues with the ESCs after some tinkering. Four new 30A multistars later and the...
  2. T

    wizard x220 issues

    hey. i recieved my wizard in the mail a few days ago.after binding my reciever and fiddling with updating to betaflight (3.3.2)from the stock eachine setup something changed... when i tested the motors the first time all of them worked fine.after the update motor nr2 wont spin. im thinking maybe...
  3. D

    HELP! Eachine Wizard X220 Antenna

    Crashed my Eachine Wizard X220 causing the VTX and its antenna to separate. The antenna was unrecoverable. I can't figure out what type of antenna and SMA(?) connector/adapter I need to buy in order to get this things working again. I bought some replacement antennas (here) which look like...
  4. mike19896

    Eachine Wizard X220 Help

    Hi I'm new here and to racing quads, and would like to thank anyone thank could help me in advance. So I bought a Eachine Wizard X220 ARF version with RadioLink AT9 Transmitter and R9D Receiver got it almost setup but I'm stuck in Betaflight at the Modes tab trying to enable Arm and Horizon, I...