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Eachine Wizard x220 flight controller replacement?


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Jul 4, 2019
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So I'm a real noob, and got a prebuilt as my first drone. Took my first massive crash a while back and have finally gotten round to fixing it. I had issues with motors spinning at different speeds and decided it was issues with the ESCs after some tinkering. Four new 30A multistars later and the different speeds was fixed but i was getting zero response from my transmitter (A FlySky i6). One restore to default settings in betaflight later, i had response, but the throttle would continuously increase once armed and the drone would do flips once the throttle was lifted even slightly. After fixing that issue, the drone would take off about a foot, and then do flips. This results in my suspicion that the gyro is dead. To fix this, i'll have to replace the flight controller. I'd prefer for the software to be betaflight but need some advice on what the best replacement would be, if not just to replace it for the exact same fc.
Any advice or recommendations would be really appreciated.
Have you calibrated the new ESCs/motors in betaflight or maybe using BLHeli (assuming the same oneshot 125 as the standard set up) if the quad is flipping, either one of your motors/props may be reversed or again each of the motors is not spooling up the same. If you have a multimeter, you could check the voltages at each of the esc outputs to the motor to eliminate the FC as the issue. I spent a lot of time rebuilding my x220 wizards with one having a motor/esc transplant to get it to a state of reliability and updating the esc FW in BLHeli fixed it.
The props or motors being incorrect was the first thing i checked, and did this a number of times as i couldn't find a reason for the issues i was having. I have calibrated the ESCs a number of times, and the situation never changed. I had come to the same conclusion but replacing the ESCs confirmed this. It was a mod i was planning to do anyway so it's not the end of the world. Ive got a new upgraded fc in the mail so i'll post how the mod goes. You may see me back here asking for wiring advice ;)
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