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  1. D

    DJI FPV Sensor connection error

    Hi group, I am having a problem with my dji fpv drone. It's giving me a sensor connection error with all of the vision sensors. It started out of nowhere and it's the only error im getting, the drone does update correctly
  2. L

    No receiver input in betaflight

    Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to all this so I hope you can help me. I have a BETAFPV 95x V3 Pusher VTX with Crossfire. The FC burned several weeks ago because some fabric got in one motor. I removed all the fabric, replaced the FC and connected everything like it was before and now comes my...
  3. P

    2 inch drone restarts when throttle is applied

    hey I'm an fpv nube so i don't know a lot but I am trying to learn as fast as possible i bought a used drone from rc groups classifieds and the seller wasnt much help as to what was on it after finally figuring out how to bind it Which was a little bit harder than it should have been because of...
  4. B

    Please I need help ASAP

    Hi, can you help me with something? I’m building my own for drone I’ve got all my parts ready to go it’s just how did you attach your controller to the flight controller? I am a rc car hobbyist and I’m just confused on the receiver and radio part of it. I am currently studying electronics and I...
  5. NeoCloneOne

    Need help - Floureon 250 FPV racer motor not working

    I'm fairly a newbie to the 250 Racing drone scene (but an electronics tech, so helps with assembly/ repairs). Gonna just use for personal sport flying. Anyways, purchased it from GearBest. Out of the box, one of the filter caps for one motor was damaged/ no big deal. Replaced it. I flew it 3...
  6. J

    Need Some Help...

    So I have been building my first quad and have ran into some issues. This one problem has stumped me, when i use betaflight to spin my motors it is it is smooth and sounds about right, but when I use my transmitter the motors sound and look really rough while moving. Any help would be...
  7. S

    Do I have everything that I need to get started?

    I have decided that this summer I am going to try to get into fpv drone racing, or at least just build a drone as a project to keep me busy. I am going to try to build one as cheap as I can. Can anyone tell me: 1 - If I buy everything on other and drone 3 here: Drone Part List, Will I have...
  8. D

    HELP! Eachine Wizard X220 Antenna

    Crashed my Eachine Wizard X220 causing the VTX and its antenna to separate. The antenna was unrecoverable. I can't figure out what type of antenna and SMA(?) connector/adapter I need to buy in order to get this things working again. I bought some replacement antennas (here) which look like...
  9. T

    Quad Tuning, Please Help!!

    Hey, you guys, I have been working oni my quad for almost 2 years now and I still can't get the pids down. I am trying to get my quad to do tight rolls, flips, and be the best it can be. Plase, help. Please, all tips are welcome!!!!