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  1. NeoCloneOne

    Need help - Floureon 250 FPV racer motor not working

    I'm fairly a newbie to the 250 Racing drone scene (but an electronics tech, so helps with assembly/ repairs). Gonna just use for personal sport flying. Anyways, purchased it from GearBest. Out of the box, one of the filter caps for one motor was damaged/ no big deal. Replaced it. I flew it 3...
  2. J

    Need Some Help...

    So I have been building my first quad and have ran into some issues. This one problem has stumped me, when i use betaflight to spin my motors it is it is smooth and sounds about right, but when I use my transmitter the motors sound and look really rough while moving. Any help would be...
  3. S

    Do I have everything that I need to get started?

    I have decided that this summer I am going to try to get into fpv drone racing, or at least just build a drone as a project to keep me busy. I am going to try to build one as cheap as I can. Can anyone tell me: 1 - If I buy everything on other and drone 3 here: Drone Part List, Will I have...
  4. D

    HELP! Eachine Wizard X220 Antenna

    Crashed my Eachine Wizard X220 causing the VTX and its antenna to separate. The antenna was unrecoverable. I can't figure out what type of antenna and SMA(?) connector/adapter I need to buy in order to get this things working again. I bought some replacement antennas (here) which look like...
  5. T

    Quad Tuning, Please Help!!

    Hey, you guys, I have been working oni my quad for almost 2 years now and I still can't get the pids down. I am trying to get my quad to do tight rolls, flips, and be the best it can be. Plase, help. Please, all tips are welcome!!!!