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2 inch drone restarts when throttle is applied


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Aug 12, 2021
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hey I'm an fpv nube so i don't know a lot but I am trying to learn as fast as possible i bought a used drone from rc groups classifieds and the seller wasnt much help as to what was on it after finally figuring out how to bind it Which was a little bit harder than it should have been because of the autobind spektrum in it the drone will take off on a fresh lipo and hover for a couple seconds before falling to the ground and rebooting after that applying throttle while on the ground will make it reboot
- drone restarting
I read the thread before posting this one and as far as I can tell I've either already done that like reversing my motors and swapping props or its non applicable
A bad battery shouldn't do that unless, it has a smoke stopper, is really really discharged or is completely the wrong type.
I used to have a similar issue with my 5 inch where it would reset mid flight once every few batteries but seems to have fixed itself, I changed the motors, frame and set betaflight back to stock. I don't know but would crazy firmware settings make that happen as you got it second hand?
The more I look at the video, the more it looks like the props are turning the wrong way.
Try putting some small scraps of paper or something light on the table beneath the motors and see if they blow away when you arm the quad. If they don't, the air is being pushed up instead of down...
The part I don't get is the restarting.
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If you able to get it to hover for a few seconds than your props should be ok, however it seems your running your motors reversed according to the way it looks on how you have your props attached, what battery are you using, how many cells and capacity?
What is the c rating on the battery?
What are the size and kv of those motors?
Also when you get it to hover for a few second how much throttle do you have to give it on your stick to make it hover?
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Come to think of it, I have had a few times where my whoops have dropped and rebooted and it was caused by very low voltage. They seemed like they ran out of enough voltage to run and shut down thus dropping to the ground. Once it shut down, the battery starts to recover some to where there is enough voltage to run and it reboots. That was my guess as to why it was happening to me.

If voltage drop is causing it for you, the questions @Madhungarian asked could explain it.
Also, if the batteries came used with the quad, they may be bad and just not holding enough charge.
Yes, rebooting from voltage drop but also if you are running props-out but betaflight is set to props-in it will drop almost instantly.
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Adding a photo of the writing on the motors and of the battery will help us. It looks like it might be a 3 inch?

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