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naze 32

  1. J

    Naze32 Rev6 Heading Drift

    Having the board with only the usb connected to the PC I can see on Baseflight how the 3d model spins around yaw axis and Heading value drifting so hard. Check the uploaded gif see what I am explaining. I need that heading value because I am developing a software for an autonomous drone. How...
  2. G

    InavFlight Gps fault

    I started by now in this area of drone, and when I went to configure my gps (nz GPS) in naze32 using inav, it failed (got the red gps icon), I selected the ports all right and selected the protocol for UBLOX, I bought this gps in an online market and it said that the protocol was UBLOX7, when I...
  3. W

    Naze 32 voltage issue

    Hello I'm building my own drone right now and ordered the naze 32 rev 6 from hobbyking. I've recieved it and started to test it out, when i tried to set up my reciever (Turnigy 9x) a problem started showing up. When plugging it in while the board still is only connected to the computer I...
  4. E

    Help! My racing drone isn't working

    Hi. I am a beginner building my first racing drone. My drone has a naze 32 board and a fly sky 1a6b receiver. I have tried both cleanflight and baseflight but on both of them the receiver and the motors are not being recognized. Could you please give some advice to fix the problem.
  5. M

    A little help please!

    s and im having a hard time getting the results I would like from google searches and youtube about PID tuning. Im using cleanflight. I fly an angle mode because Im learning still and I plan to get out of it once my simulator comes in. BUT for now: I have 2 problems, your help is greatly...