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  1. G

    Mobula7 video transmission problem (EV800D goggles)

    Hi, I bought a Mobula 7 v2 DSM2/DSMX The video transmission between my Mobula 7 and my EACHINE EV800D goggles is not working. The propellers turn and the Mobula7 can stay in the air but I can't recive a video signal. Video with the problem: Does anyone...
  2. A

    Very bad signal after a few feet, after a little crash on the ground (Nazgul5 - EV800D)

    Hello, i hope you can help me! Here some pictures and a video: and Since i crashed some days ago (doing a little scratch on the supply wire), there's a very bad signal after a few meters. I changed today the pigtail between VTX and antenna (mmcx to sma), but nothing. So i'm waiting 2 new same...
  3. E

    Can't Plug Antenna into VTX

    I had to replace my VTX on my Eachine Wizard X200s because of a big crash. It came with a new cable that connects the VTX to the antenna however I cant make the connector stay in on the VTX side. I've added a photo its the connector thats gold that I'm on about. What am I doing wrong? This is...
  4. W

    Trying to fix bad FPV signal

    I have a budget quad with 5-inch propellers that I built to start learning how to race FPV quads, but my current FPV setup is terrible, the video cuts out completely when I fly 15 feet away or even closer when I fly behind myself (And I am just in a grass field). my googles are the Eachine 006...
  5. B

    Hi folks! Could anyone suggest how to wire this all together to achieve OSD and Telemetry?

    Hi everyone, I'm really new to this but basically, Im trying to get Telemtry to go to my Radio as well as get a OSD signal to my VTX. Firstly here is a quick list of the components I'm working with. FC = F3 Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF/Deluxe 10 DOF for Multirotor Racing Receiver = FrSky XSR...
  6. Fiddlebog

    Tyrant replacement antenna

    In a crash a while back I busted the VTX antenna on my Tyrant S pretty bad. It basically pulled out from the (brass?) mounting nut, tearing the outter metal mesh just underneath the blue rubber of the antenna. I was able to strip some of this off and solder that back on so as to complete the...