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Delon eastman

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Sep 12, 2016
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i was recently given an indoor plastic drone from a friend, always wanted one. I have now purchased the walkera F210 Hasent arrived, any suggestions on where I learn on that one or get something less advanced and keep it not till comfy. Personally, I expect to wreck it so that won't be a surprise but will also be going to my local hobby/RC car store and looking at a few. Suggestions. Advice. I'm from So call, near the Santa fee **** where I see them flown a lot.
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Welcome to the forum Delon .
Being your where they are flying them I would go and introduce myself and get in that bunch .
Nothing like having someone show ya .
Watch some YouTube's on that one and if you feel your in over your head then downsize
and fly that till your more at ease .
not sure if I broke her or she's out of battery. Didn't charge it initially, brand new. Now propellers don't spin.
Battery most likely not shipped fully charged.
Charge that sucker :)
Charged it for hours. Lifts turn on. No movement and I've made sure the controls are connected. I'm so pist, 400 a 3 minute use!
Hey dude welcome first of all an f210 was my 3 racer after 3 builds and it is really an fpv machine I have no idea how you fly that Los its way to fast for a beginner but if you need to start on self level and put a 3s battery in it your no where near 4s right now. Lol and yes my f210 is in little pieces in a box because I was a newb with all equipment and it will only take so much abuse. Mine started just falling out of the sky at 60 mph but you get wiser with preflight checks yea just like a plane. So I'm familiar with that model and I've got parts. Make sure it's arming yaw right usually if not you can hard reset it or hook it up to cleanflight on your cup and check it. Btw you have one of the fastest 210 class made its just theirs so your at walker as mercy as with me I like tbs
Mine did the stuttering and sometimes wouldn't arm there are several variables just takes time until you know what your listening or looking for during startup. Always always always check your props for cracks or any stress change them trust me. If you tinker with it take props off always I bought a 2000 TV because I was an idiot they will take off when they are hooked up to a cpu and will destroy a living room lol
Hello Delon and welcome to the forum.
There are some cheaper "FPV Training Racers".
I had my first FPV take off to landing where I wanted with a Blade Inductrex ($70.00) with a $40 VTX and $65 goggles.
Before that I flew, crashed and rebuilt a couple more expensive 250 size racers, a few times.
Man try liftoff or fpv freerider sims. I had some experience with collective pitch helis before I got into fpv drones but I was still nervous about flying Fpv. I used the Fpv freerider for about 2 hours and felt comfortable enough to give it a go. Although I my hands were shaking like crazy I did ok. Tried horizon mode "self level" and it felt horrible so I went straight to acro mode and felt much more comfortable. Maybe because of my experience with helis or the sim I don't know but don't like flying anything else. I found the sims is super close to real life flying. Had no problems doing all the tricks I did on the sim. Only difference I can tell is the sim might be more reactive to controller input probably do to setting and my actual drone motors. I'm still nervous about flying in close quarters but slowly working up an attempt by practicing staying at altitude dodging in between trees. Good luck. Hope things are going better for you now.

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