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Drone slowly turns at hover


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Nov 29, 2016
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Ok, I am not sure if I have hit a switch or something or what but my drone will slowly turn to my right at hover. So if I take off and the rear end is square with my position and I just sit there and hover the rear end will begin to move to my right. It looks like it will do a circle if I let to. I haven't crashed or anything. Is it the trim, I am at a loss. My controller is the FlySky i6.

Yeah it sounds like maybe you mistakenly hit the trim button. Not quite sure about that RC but you should be able to get a beep or something when you get all of the trims to center point.

Yeah, I just looked at a picture of that RC. On the display, there are 4 slender bars, 2 on the outer edge of the display and 2 on the bottom. You should be able to tell where they are set now. Just start moving one of the trim buttons and you'll see them move on the bar in the display. Put them all to center and go from there.

It's a good thing we don't live remotely close to each other Jerry, my wife may miss me. I think you and I would get lost in time with all of this drone business.

I spent some time in the yard today with the goggles on and thats where I really noticed it. The rear end will just slowly turn to my right at hover.I m down to 2 batteries, still waiting on the one to be repaired, but I ordered 6 last night.....I want to fly! I think maybe my next stop should be to study the controller, if I am being honest I probably should have already done so.

Have you already made your trip Jerry? Just wondering my friend, wanted to wish you safe travels.

Take a quick look at this video. It's a different RC but it's basically the same and explains things well enough.


Jerry, I think you just fixed me again brother. Gotta charge up a battery and I will let you know. Thanks.
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Yeah, I hear you! Since I'm retired it fills a lot of my time. I can't wait to fly either! Just about packed up and heading out on Thursday, can't wait!

On the screen, on the outer edges of it there are small dots that correspond to the buttons that are illustrated in the picture you posted. Two of those little dots were separated and the other two were a little ways away from each other. If you hold those buttons, from your picture above, it will bring the little dots together, you get an audible as they are coming together...faster......and then it beeps when the are together. I have them all set together now. Waiting on a battery, as soon as I can check it I will post. Thanks again Jerry.
No sweat. Don't be afraid to use the trims either. I even adjust them a bit if the wind is coming from one direction or another. That's why they're there, to do minor adjustments if necessary.

Have fun!

If trim doesn't do it... Recalibrate your accelerometer in clean/betaflight. Then go to receivers tab. Make sure the yaw channel is showing 1500 on screen while centered using your radio's menu adjustment (probably called sub-trim). You also probably want to set dead zone to around 4 or 5 while you are in there.
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That fixed it Jerry, thanks! green orange, I'm gonna have to work up to that but thanks for the post.....i'm baby steppin.

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