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Drones for SWAT opertations


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Nov 8, 2016
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Hello all, I have been tasked by my boss to do some research on drone for SWAT operations. I know this is a drone racing forum, but I have watched vids of you guys flying into house and structures, etc. This would be specifically, and mostly for indoor work. I need help with what direction to start my research. I need a product that does....
1) Can take off and be assembled from the yard of suspect residence.
2) Can fly around outside of house and look into windows
3) Can fly from outside, and into a open front door, and look around the house
4) Easy to fly
5) No more than $10K a piece
6) Can broadcast image to user from out in the yard.
7) Needs to be ready "off the shelf", and without too much custom building

I'm starting to look at the Phantom 4, as they are cheap and we can buy new ones if we smash them up. But I worry that they would be too big. Thank you in advance!
Welcome to the forum Zebra . I see you ask this in our PP forum and really not sure a racing drone is what your looking for .
Others here might give some advise as your getting in PP .
My friend have Phantom 3, inside is big no no. As Phantom 4, I believe it will be done very good job as helicopter replace. If you somehow can attach GPS tracker on any movement target, Phantom will follow it all the way till you disactive it. But it can't least very long chase and battery flat in 25 min or less.

If you want go indoor or peeptom, micro drone is the answer for spy around the house but the noise will ruins the stealth.

Please do not do this at home. Or you will void our Dronecode and ruin our freedom.

This is a great idea in theory but I don't think we're there "yet". You'd have to pull one of the best racing pilots in the world off of the circuit and hire them full time right now. The piloting skills necessary to do the things you are seeing on the internet are from the best FPV pilots in the world.

The good news is that this industry is evolving at an exceptionally rapid pace. I do believe that you are on to something and the idea is a great one. My humble opinion would be to commit someone to dig into the "drone" world, start studying the technology and maybe even start piloting a UAV or two. It could be a while before the technology can be implemented in the manner you're describing.


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