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Eachine Parts and Banggood

Arkansas Drone Pilot

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Mar 10, 2016
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I bought the Wizard 220 Racer and the 180 Tilt Rotor Racer, both of them were bought from Banggood.com. As we all know it was only a matter of a time and I knew I would crash the Tilt Rotor and did. Then I began looking for parts, specifically the little screw that the cover attaches to. One in each corner. I have looked all over the place trying to find a parts schematic for the Tilt Rotor and it does not exist. Neither does a parts schematic exist for the Wizard 220. It is my belief that Eachine is scared as hell that if they make that parts list available to the public, then it will be used by people to build their own and not buy Eachine products. I have bought a ton of stuff from Banggood, including a Violin and Case. All kinds of other things just for the hell of it. Banggood has been pretty good about shipping, but they still take way to long in my opinion and most others. I just hope that Eachine will do what is right and start printing parts lists for all their drones and also list all of the parts by number or name. It would make repairing them much easier. But if you expect to buy a drone from Eachine and have parts available, think again.
I think that there are different reasons for your dilemma. The biggest being "cost effectiveness". I would imagine that most of their hardware is purchased on an "as needed" basis. And probably not always from the same supplier. Just whomever has the cheapest price at the time. Leading to inconsistencies in build and products. Publishing extra documentation would drive down the profits also. I know that there is a place for this market. But I try to avoid it as much as possible.

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