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Finally charging up for a flight

Well, dang. I had a medium hard crash and broke my VTX! One resistor is fried, must have shorted out on the carbon fiber. I think it is too small for me to repair.
What are you using to stick your EQ to the frame? Oh - sorry about the vTx.
****! That sucks Green! These little buggers definitely need a lot more attention than my Phantoms. I spent an hour or so changing props out, modifying a few settings and cleaning everything up after my short flights the other day. I got an electric air blower to help with getting the dust out of everything, works pretty good. I hope you can get back in the air quickly!


Hmm. Well I'm using a little stronger tape. Makes me wonder if I need the tye too? Did you trash the vTx?

I'm not sure what the EQ is? If it's the ESC's, I put some double sided mounting tape under mine than opted for a few wraps of electric tape instead of the zip-ties.

Hey Jerry
I've got a roll of this stuff at home. And it is good stuff. I didn't buy it retail though. I happen to know someone that works for the manufacturer. ;) Just be careful what you stick down with it. make sure that you really want it to be there. Only thing I don't like about it though is that it is a little thick.
3M 4910 Double Sided VHB Tape, 3/4 In x 45 ft. - Walmart.com

I just picked up a roll of this. I like how it is thinner than the 3M. And it's clear. It seems to be just as strong though.

I plan on shrink wrapping the ESC's along with the tape for isolation against the CF frame. tGO has me a little concerned "now" if this tape will be strong enough to hold my stuff (vTx & Rx) in place during an impact. I just don't like the looks of the tye's.
The VTX didn't move all that much, I am surprised it burned out. It just scooted back about a half inch and angled up into the frame. Probably if I didn't have the zip tie it would have been fine, but it pinned it up against the frame when it slid. I will be electrically isolating it better from the frame with the replacement, and only using tape. I also broke my antenna a little bit but might try soldering that back together.
Yea, I'm using the Gorilla tape as well. I think that and the electric tape is working well for me so far. The tie-wraps concerned me as well. So far nothing on mine has moved at all. I'd do the shrink tubing if I was building from scratch as you are doing.

Looking Good.
Sorry about your drone...seems like spare parts are something i will be needing to stock. I think i will go overkill on trying to beef things up. I imagine i will be having some big crashes...
I have had bigger crashes before than the last one, but have never broken anything but props and an RP-SMA connector before. I think I just mounted the VTX too tight with the zip tie. These things can take some pretty hard crashes without breaking.

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