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First FPV drone, Build advice


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Aug 18, 2022
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Hello everyone. (SRRY for the long post )

I finally decided to jump in to the FPV hobby and I need help choosing the correct parts.

I have zero experience with FPV drones, I only used dji phantoms and mavic before so the plan is to first start on simulators before going to the real thing and I will use it only on open spaces, just as a hobby.

My max budget is $1600 but if I managed to build one spending less than that it would be great.

My doubts are:

Should I go analog or digital?
If I go with a HD drone, could I upgrade a analog googles like eachine 300O to convert it to Digital signal one day? (is it worth it or should I just get the dji v2?)

And since everything is expensive and actually a little difficult to sell used parts that is the main reason that I already want to start with a 5 inch drone.

DJI FPV option is on the table for comparison.

Which option would you choose? And if you would change any parts, the only stores available for me to purschase are Banggood and Aliexpress.

Is there anything 100% necessary that is missing here?

Other websites don't ship directly to my country and the ones that ships I have to pay 60% import tax (banggood/aliexpress do not have those taxes).

Warning - Don't get shocked with the prices. These are local prices in my country and everything is more expensive here, i already searched a lot and these are the best deals that I could find.


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