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FlySky Switch Settings

Arkansas Drone Pilot

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Mar 10, 2016
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I am using the FS-i6 to fly a couple of quads and am haviing a really horrible time making the drone fly anywhere near normal. Could some treat me like a real and true beginner and tell me which switches need what position in order to fly correctly.

2 switches on the left, top, have 2 positions and the same for the right side except that the SWC switch has 3 positions. IN between the switches are two Dials. What do the two dials control?

Left side of the screen below the throttle lever is the UP and Down Switch, what does this control? Then the Bind Key is at the very bottom on the left side of the screen and how often should you have to use the bind key?

I know there are probably a few hundred other guys and gals out there that wish they had a better knowledge of all the switches and at what position they should be placed just to get off the ground if nothing else.
Really and truly appreciate anyones help with this.
Typically, you need to set what the switches do in cleanflight/betaflight. They don't do anything unless something has been programmed (except trim). If it was a RTF drone, the maker may have programmed something. To find out, go to modes tab in cleanflight/betaflight and start switching switches and see what modes move if any.

Usually all you really need is one 3 position switch to choose between angle, horizon and Acro. Then maybe an air mode switch. Some people put arming on a switch.

If none are programmed, go to the receiver tab and flip the desired switch to figure out which channel the switch you want to use is on. Then go to the modes tab and assign desired modes to that switch. Hit save before testing, the changes won't do anything until you hit save (for testing while still on modes tab).
If you are having trouble controlling the drone, you probably want to set your rates to 1, and super rates to about .6 or .7 and then add expo of .3 on Pitch/Roll and yaw expo.
Talk about feeling like a total idiot and dummy, I should have remembered that when you program racers, that is where you can figure the switch thing out. I had the Open Pilot to start with and still have it loaded on the computer, but have yet to use Clean Flight to check programming on the drones I bought and now do believe I should have done that before flying of the drones I bought. So I think I need to go back and start at square one and see how the racer is programmed with Clean Flight. Thanks for the info and replying very much.

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