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Gave buddy intro to quads lol


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Oct 10, 2016
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so I took my buddy out today to let him experience what Fpv was about and boy.....my heart.....I think it stopped like 5 times. First I just had him fly in horizon mode LOS so he could get a feeling for the response and he flew it straight into a tree lol. I think he was trying to fly from the monitor I had setup. So second try it gets a little wild on him and he flies to far out and loses orientation so I snatch the tx and fly it back off the monitor right before it flys out of video range haha. So at this point I'm like ok just hover it right in front of us lol. So he starts to get a little use to it so I flip it in acro mode and straight to the ground it goes but I flip it in horizon just in time. But shortly after he dumps it again. So we didn't get to put the goggles on him today but I think with some sim time he will catch on to the controls and find that it's easier to fly in acro and Fpv. Anywho....hooked another one. Hopefully he gets something before spring time. Sometimes I forget how nervous it is to fly these for the first time. I imagine they are pretty intimidating to someone who has just flown chromas and dromidas. It was funny watching him punch the throttle the first time and before he even knew it it was out of sight. I can't blame him really not only was it his first time but that quad is set up on super high rates and is super touchy. Unfortunately I forgot my GoPro even though I had it all charged up cause I knew I was gonna get some great footage and really wanted to show it lol.
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Its worse when all you have learned in the past two years of flying your 9 year old starts passing you thru gates and he doesnt really even fly beware simulators do work and well if you get the right one
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My experience so far is that these things are only slightly easier to fly than a CCPM Heli. So I think that your kinda brave to hand someone (who has very little experience) your quad. My neighbor let me fly his RISE Vusion. I was so nervous about flying someone else's quad that I didn't give it quite enough throttle on liftoff. Mowed the grass for several feet before I managed to get it air bourn. And that is a big mistake to do with a heli. Not enough throttle on takeoff means "back-to-the bench".
Hello guys,
I’m having some trouble with my rise vusion 250. After my last crash I had to change motors and control board.
Now the drone just flips at takeoff. I know I have the propellers and arms in right position. I also tried the calibration moving the sticks button right.
Any ideas??
It is probably one of two things:

1. yaw orientation of the flight controller. If the arrow on the fc doesn't point forward, you have to tell betaflight which way it is facing.

2. motor positions. Test (with props off, from motors tab) and make sure the motor numbers match the layout in the picture on betaflight (motor 1 is back right, etc) If not, you will need to change them with resource mapping.
EB75581A-761D-424A-A1A6-028401A5824D.jpeg Thanks a lot G.O.!

The problem with this drone is that there’s no way that motors can be in the wrong order, it’s a Ready to Fly Model. I replaced almost every part but they fit in just one position
Here’s a picture
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You have to configure it in Cleanflight or Betaflight
That things basically a flying computer
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The motor order is a software thing. Replacing with exact fc does not mean it is configured for your motor layout. Spin them in betaflight one at a time with props off and confirm the right place and direction for each one.

Also make sure about that arrow on the fc and which way it is facing. If your model moves as expected in the 3d preview, yaw orientation is ok.
Thanks Green Orange,

the truth is that Im new in this, never used beta flight but the problem is that this rise vusion has no usb plug, don't know if theres any other way to connect it

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