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Hello! (And some noob questions)


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Feb 12, 2017
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I'm new to the hobby but I eagerly want to start flying as soon as possible!

I downloaded DRL simulator and in the beginning it was a nightmare! It took me a day to finish the tutorial and I thought I would never be able to learn. After 2 weeks now I'm able to finish the city race in a minute but I'm nowhere near to be able to go through any DRL line decently they seem impossible to me!

How far is simulator from real life?

Also I bought a drone kit to build but I don't know if it's any good, it's called Ares x bolt 250. I couldn't find any reviews on the internet but it was on offer @150£ so I decided to buy it regardless, does anyone know if it's decent?

Thank you! I will hopefully be one of you soon!
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Gonna build your own as a noob? I went with ready to fly drones to start. I'm new also and not very good but I been using a simulator for a week and it does help. It's not totally like real life. It's disorienting at best. I initially had a tough time hearing the bird near me yet seeing thru the camera was weird but that's getting easier. The simulator does help tho. Good luck building that bad boy.
I built my first FPV drone and never did a simulator. I had flown toy drones in the past. Not much has broken even with dozens of crashes. Good luck!
So my friend and I fly DJI drones and he brought his racing drones one time. The first time I flew LOS and I did ok. Sure the landing was a bit rough and lost a couple propellors, but was fun. So after that I went home and got both Liftoff and DRL simulators (Liftoff costs money). I trained with them for about a week, got pretty comftable flying it. So next time we went drone flying he brought his drone racer again...this time he brought his FatSharks as well. I was able to do two flights and freestyle pretty nicely. You can see a little clip of it and the end of this video (start around 7:50):

I've flown again a couple week later again practicing with the simulator and the guys who fly with us couldn't believe I've never flown FPV racers. So get as much simulator time as you can.
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