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My first FPV drone.


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Feb 12, 2017
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Hello everyone! I have had a cheapo line of sight drone for about a year now and I am dying to get into FPV. I am no rich man, and I cannot solder, so I am sort of limited on the drone/equipment I can get.

I have seen online a drone kit that comes with everything, drone/FPV equipment/controller, for $500. It is called the DYS XDR220, does anyone know anything about this setup? Is it worth the money?? Remember I am a first time FPV flyer so I do not want to drop $1,000+ for something I will most likely mess up fairly early.
Thanks folks.
Yes, but it takes a long time to come from China unless you pay for the 5-8 day shipping. It will probably take a month no matter what other option you choose. I always check out with paypal, never had any problems.
Check out GraysonHobby.com b4 you buy from Bangood. It's a USA shop with great customer support. I bought a Grayson tuned Wizard x220 from them so if I have any issues, I just email them and they always respond. I'm a noob so they really help out. My Grayson tuned Wizard is awesome although I switched my props to the two blade style. And you will definitely want to switch out the camera for a runcam eagle or swift.(im going with the eagle, it's great). The Goggles that green Orange suggested are great although I have the EV800. The Wizard x220 is the 2016 drone of the year and mine flies great.
I got my wizzard from Grayson hobby. They are awesome. If you have a problem from China you are screwd. I had a problem Grayson took such great care of me.held my hand like a baby
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