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Race Meet Insurance?

Arkansas Drone Pilot

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Mar 10, 2016
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I reside just north of Hot Springs, Arkansas. I own several Phantom Drones and a custom built racer I built myself last year. I joined the Hot Springs Remote Control Club in 2015. The members are mostly older RC Plane Pilots from back in the day when gas powered Remote Control Planes were the rage.
In spite of my age in comparison to most drone pilots, I see this sport as being on the cutting edge of what is to be in the near future for Drone Racing and Drone Pilots in general. Simply put, this means that I believe that Drone Racing is the next evolution for Drones as a whole.

Due to my belief in this, I began asking my Club Members about Hosting a DRONE RACE. Immediately, they were all telling me that the AMA would not sanction or insure any kind of race, to include planes or Quads.
Now, let us back up. The RC Park is owned by Garland County Arkansas Parks Department, because it is with the city limits of Hot Springs, Arkansas. The RC club has paid for many improvements to the RC Park, but still does now own any of the land it is on or surrounds it. The RC club has paid for the asphalt runway, grounds upkeep with mowers and such. Regardless of the paid improvements, they do not own the land.

So what I am wanting to know specifically, is this. Does anyone know the insurance requirements for a Drone Race? Where to get this insurance if it is available? Who has hosted races and what the did to make it a success for everyone involved?


A lot of forest preserves require an AMA license which I believe carry some sort of insurance policy with that membership.You may want to check into that.
Yeah if you are a member of amazing you are insured. So you would need all racers to be ama members and that's it on insurance. Now back to the fun stuff, any course layout plans? Please feel free to paint the picture
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I'm not sure what the association is as I'm just a participant and not someone that set-up our local MultiGP chapter. But they have races and everyone must be members of the AMA. Therefore there is Insurance for sanctioned MultiGP races... You may want to check with MultiGP...

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