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Real flight RC 7.5


Mar 9, 2016
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Has anyone used this program? I was thinking it may help for acrobatic flips and rolls, and RC planes
I got RF 7.5 and as a matter of fact I JUST got done doing a very long survey they asked me to do. Basically it comes down to the fat that in the version I have (RF7.5) that it is a lousy implementation of Drones in general. I hear it is pretty good for Planes, but I am not a plane pilot so I cannot attest to the accuracy that it represents for any winged models.

As for the "Drone" simulator, I myself won't pay for it as they ruined me with the very poor models they gave of the drones in the expensive RF 7.5

Get Liftoff or FreeriderFPV. Both are extremely well done and pretty realistic flying models. They will indeed help you improve your skills and you can use your own transmitter!
I only have RF 6.5, but have already played on the Drone version at the local hobby shop. It's actually pretty sweet. Plus it has the Heli-Max Voltage 500 3D.
Sorry your experience with RF 7.5 wasn't an awesome experience. Being software, once you open the package and register it to fly, you own it. So no return. But hey, if you are truly unsatisfied, eBay it.
Thought you might have taken my advise and bought the Drone package. Oh well, lessons for others who may happen upon this thread and take my forewarned heed. ;-)

I did that survey three days ago...

I bought it over a year ago... your advice was too late for me. But as I said the other oprions for Liftoff and FPVFreerider are WAYYY cheaper and actually emulate a realistic racing drone experience. Check out Joshua Bardwells FreeRiderTutorials!
Crap !!! I just ordered it Friday from a hobby shop. I do plan on getting the Apprentice beginner plane in the near future. Maybe it won't be a total waste. When you say they were very poor models ,was it the variations of models or a non realistic way they handled while flying? I know that DJI simulator is pretty lame.

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Get the Drone version, and have one of the best learning tools for our hobby.

I thought 7.5 combined both of the same versions plane and quads.
Unfortunately it does a tiny bit. But not Racing drones. Get Liftoff or Freerider for most realistic flight. Immersion RC also has a great one. These are from people who actually fly and use Racers.

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