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Tools for the field

I'm waiting for mine to show up as well.
What kind of iron is that one (as well as your home bench iron)
I'm looking into a new iron for home and want a decent one.

That is one I got from Radio shack about 10 years ago, still works great. My bench iron is an old piece of crap I got about 20 years ago but it works fine. If I was getting a new iron for the bench today I would probably get this one:


You could get a cheap one and probably never have any problems. The only place you need a decent iron for is the ground pads on the PDB.
Nice..So a iron in the 40watt range is good then?
$40.00 is not a bad price for a weller
Yeah, should be enough. You might also look at their professional line which is temperature controlled. They have one without a station that costs only a little more.
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has anyone had issues with getfpv and the orders being wrong?
I ordered 7 sets of the DAL 5045 bullnose props and they sent me 7 sets of the HQ standard props
I sent an Email to them,waiting for an answer as to why the mixup and a solution
I hope so, just getting started in all this so would like a positive experience

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