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Went down to the local RC club


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Dec 18, 2016
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Hi all, I was driving past the local aerial RC club on my lunch break and there were some guys there so I stopped in for a bit to say g'day.

There were only a few people there practicing with gas planes. Some were quite large and had 100 cc motors. Anyways I got a chance to see them fly which was a first for me. The young bloke flying the smaller 50cc plane made a mistake and put it into the ground at high speed, destroying the plane. I was thinking I'm glad quads are a lot more robust. Apparently someone wroteoff a 12 grand unit a month ago. Expensive hobby those fixed wing people have. Think I will stick to the little drones. Props are cheap...

Turns iut I will need another transmitter if I join the club as the one I ordered was not certified for Australia and hence won't be accepted for the clubs insurance purposes. I thought that may be the case but heard the non Australian transmitters are better.

Speaking of better, anyone know if the Furious True D diversity are good units? Cheers
I wouldn't know anything about Aussie tx rules but I do have a true D rx and it works really well. I use the immersion RC patch antenna and a LHCP antenna and it's a great combo. Just remember to get a 45degree adapter for the bottom input. I hear the laforge is a bit better because the antenna inputs are spaced better but you have to tear into your goggles to adapt them. I'm happy with my true D. There were a few software complaints like not being able to save video channels on specific presets spots but it's all fixed with the new software upgrade, which I haven't done yet so haven't tried the new software. I haven't even looked into what I need to do it. I think you need a special cable from them to update it so might want to look into that to if you can't find one that ships with the update.
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Thanks for the feedback. I was going to the distributed for them and they ship with the latest update.

I have seen cheap tx boosters for the radio smewhere, anyone know if you can get boosters for the video feeds?

Or should I just get a one with a high mvtx, cheers
You can get a booster. It's up to you really and where you fly. I've never had an issue with video signal to the point where I needed to change any equipment other than the type of antenna I'm using. You can always go with a stronger video system like a 1.3ghz which I don't think it's legal in Australia. I don't know if your limited to a 25mW to stay legal there of if you can get a 600mW tx? Or if you don't care about being legal don't worry about it lol. I'd say it's worth it to get a 600mW tx either way as nobody is likely to check unless you have some kind of inspection to fly at that club.

Here is a booster if your are interested in going that route.
ClearBoost Enhanced 5.8GHz Video Reception

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