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What is Everyones Preferred method of recording your flights?


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Jan 29, 2017
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Goggle DVR or "sit-on" drone DVR?

and if your using the sit-on...what kind are you using?

Im looking at a few "sit-on" kind as I cant afford the expensive goggles yet.
If you want to show off your flying don't use the goggle dvr. I think use a session 5. Only time I use dvr is when I don't want the extra weight.
I'm looking at a couple of them. I'll check that out. TBH, im not even close to the skills of recording my flights yet. Just trying to get the best quality for my buck
There are a bunch of cheap options on Amazon. Also check out the mobious camera lots of people use it and I think it's like 80$.
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There is an in-between option as well, a DVR on the quad like HMDVR. Won't be as good quality as a camera onboard but better than the goggles DVR.
I'm probably going to go with the site on style for ease of use. My skills won't mind the little bit of extra weight. I'm looking at one on ebay for $42 (mobius like). Has great reviews from other quad flyers. So it's either that one or the one I need to solder to PDB(I think, lol)
This one has to be soldered in somewhere. I don't mind soldering something in but I may just want to go with a mobius style one because I'm such a rookie


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Be sure to do research on the specific model, some of those ones with combined FPV camera and DVR in one can introduce latency. Typically it is best to use a separate camera for recording and FPV, or hook up separate DVR in parallel with the VTX. Maybe that one doesn't have any latency issues, but it is something to consider.
That one is only an action camera. It's not fpv. It just happens to have an adjustable camera head.
I'll check it out. Thanks man
I use my FS Dom V3 DVR to record the FPV camera. On my GT200 (BOB) I'm using a GoPro Session (the original version) for 1080p flight videos. On my X-Speed 250B I'm using an SJCam 5000x (1080p) and on my PP200 I'm using a GoPro Hero 4 (1080p, older damaged one from my Solo). On both the SJ5000 and the GPH4 I'm also using an old ND filter to help protect the lenses.

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