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  1. L

    Drone GPS

    Hey, I have a school project. I need the GPS coordinates of a drone to be sent to my custom Android java app. I need to display its coordinates on a map in my app. Does any drone offer a link to mobile and share its coordinates?
  2. M

    Dji fpv goggles V2

    Available for sale is the The DJI FPV Goggles V2 with DJI O3 image transmission features high definition, low latency, long-distance transmission, and strong anti-interference capabilities. DJI FPV Goggles V2 (including foam padding) x1 DJI FPV Goggles Battery x1 DJI FPV Goggles Power Cable...
  3. C

    Rookie's first flight

    Hello, I am a beginner pilot. Spent about 20-21 hours in the simulator before the first flight, recorded the dvr and made a cut from the moments where it was not just hanging in place. I would like to hear your criticism regarding the moments in the video, as in general for the first flight, can...
  4. D

    Jurassic Park

    Hello here is a little video of a spot we have been to with some fpv pilot friends ! It's is located at Reunion Island in Indian Ocean, more precisely at Takamaka. I hope you will enjoy the view . On youtube : On airvuz ...
  5. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible light at 10:30pm!

    Just a quick 60 second clip highlighting the beautiful late evening sun, fresh rows of grass, forest treetops and distant mountains. (Sound On and HD recommend, so my editing efforts don’t go to waste…) Very happy to have captured this unique shot, hope others think it’s neat as well. Cheers!
  6. D

    DJI FPV Drone air scoop non-functional?

    after my first flight with the FPV drone, I noticed there was a small paper wad inside the gimbal cavity. While trying to dig it out with a toothpick, it fell in between the cracks into the front of the drone so I took off the front cover to retrieve said paper. to my surprise, when the front...
  7. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

  8. O

    What are the best FPV goggles for under $160?

    Hello everyone, I am 15 years old and (I do not wear glasses) I have never owned a pair of FPV goggles, but I have done research. I am looking to buy some fpv goggles, box for low profile,(I don’t mind) and my budget is around US$160 or less and I would like your advice on what I should buy ? I...
  9. O

    If I do not care about weight or size,(only about latency an video quality) what is the best fpv camera?

    Hi guys, I have quite a unique situation, I have a humongous drone drone and I do not care about weight or size, I only care about latency and video quality, what FPV camera is best for me? also, it would be great if you could give me two answers: one answer under $100 (approximately) and a...
  10. P

    No inputs on betaflight after resoldering.

    No Transmitter input after resoldering Hey guys! I just built my first ever fpv racing drone and it worked really well but I wasn’t happy with my cable management and soldering so I went back and moved some parts and shortened some motor cables. I put everything together and my Taranis qx7...
  11. T

    Batteries for dumbies

    Coming into the new world of FPV, I’m incredibly overwhelmed with the plethora of batteries available for all kinds of builds. What’s the difference between all of them and how would a noob be able to know which batteries are right for which quad like weight and size? Lipo, Livh, maH, v, c, 3s...
  12. T

    Drone doesn't fly

    Hi I'm new here and I just got my first fpv rtf drone (eachine wizard x220s) and I plugged the battery in (no props) and it revved up fine, I tuned it in betaflight and it was OK. Then I put the props on and put the battery on charge with the charger it came with (pretty bad one) and after that...
  13. K

    low range/rssi taranis q7 :-(

    Hello, a week ago I started the adventure with FPV drones. After reviewing many reviews, I purchased taranis q7 and holybro kopis 2. Everything works great. However, I am very disappointed with the drone's range. After crossing 200/300 meters, rssi is around 50. Watching a lot of movies on yt, I...
  14. KerniFPV

    Destination Unknown

    "there is no bad weather only the wrong gear" :eek:
  15. viper0424

    New video updated(related drone turtle mode)

    Hey guys!! Good day!! Last weekend was really busy day for me. Because, on saturday...woke up at 4:30AM and drove to spot and enjoyed quad play. And back home, I made video for drone turtle mode until 4:30AM sunday..and had some sleep. And woke up 8AM. :) And I went to church and enjoyed quad...
  16. viper0424

    Intoduce myself :)

    Hello. Guys!! My name is Mave and from Korea. And I am doing freestyle play. I joined here to make drone play is more enjoyable and learn more. I look forward to your kind supports. :) Below is my flight video. Please let me advise anything. Thanks!
  17. StevenSeagal

    iFlight Cinebee 75 HD XM+ Receiver can't bind with X-lite

    Hello Quad Pilots! I'm new in the hobby.. I finally got saved up enough money to buy my first: Tanaris X-Lite receiver iFlight Cinebee 75 HD (Bind and fly with XM+ Receiver) Fatshark HDO Rapidfire Module that's what i got told would be a really good starter kit Now the problem comes in...
  18. KerniFPV

    Cinematic Edit

    Hi and Hello I´m new here hope it is okay to post here, Spent the last weeks (bad wheater) to improve my edit skills so I hope that you like that video from me :)
  19. M

    Freestyle Bando - Brasil

  20. M

    Hello from Brasil

    Hi all, I am another FPV freestyle/racing addict!! More than 30 years having serious fun with modelism: R/C Helicopter, Airplane, Jets... But now FPV Drone racer!! Hope to fly together with you guys around the world in my next trip i will bring with me my kwads for sure!! Regards, Marcelo. My...