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  1. G

    Mobula 7 wont rev up correctly with tx

    Hi everybody, I have a Mobula7 ELRS version, running BF4.4 and default settings from Happymodel website. It's also running Bluejay v19 on 48pwm in the ESC. Problem I have is everything seems okay in betaflight as far as receiver settings, it responds correctly to my Radiomaster Zorro, but after...
  2. J

    help troubleshooting Zeus 10 AIO

    Symptoms: Powered on there are no beeps at all (with motors connected). Connected to usb, the FC is seen and can be flashed. Using esc-configurator or BL configurator no ESCs are seen. Troubleshooting done so far: Disconnected all wires to eliminate possibility of something being shorted...
  3. B

    Gas Engine

    I have designed gas engines to be used with drones. The problem I have is that the esc cannot control the servo which opens and closes and regulates the fuel into the gas engine. Does anyone know of an autopilot which could control six servos in the same manner it controls the brush less motor...
  4. stefanpala

    Two Motors Don't Arm

    Hello. After a serious crash with mostly 0 flight experience, I dived in simulators and whatnot. Now that I love flying, I have bought esentially a new drone, except the frame, for a fresh start. Trouble is, two of the motors wont arm. They initialize, but that's it. Both in Betaflight and...
  5. L

    4 in 1 esc to 4 escs

    So basically fried my 4 in 1 esc twice now and i'm over having to replace the whole thing when it dies so I want to switch to have 4 escs purely for the convenience but not too sure what bits I need (I'm very new to fpv). I have an Eachine wizard x220s. Am I right in thinking I need to replace...
  6. P

    ESC NOT Turning on 98/100 times No connection to ESC on BLHeli

    Hi, I am desperately looking for a solution for my Problem. I can't connect to my esc on Blheli (tried standalone app, Blheli_32, web app) neither can I control the motors thrue this beta flight test mode neither do the motors spin when connected to my remote control. Though I know that esc...
  7. L

    Drone went for a swim, NEED help is my ESC or motors broken?

    Hi very new to fpv drones so need a little help Basically, let a mate fly my drone (rookie mistake) he lost control, I lost sight of it and he crashed it straight into a puddle and was in there, fully submerged, for about 10 mins before we found it. I’ve seen forums online saying it should be...
  8. A

    4in1 ESC not beeping at all, but powering up flight controller and another parts

    Hi everyone, newbie user here. So this is my first 5inch build, let me tell the story. last week I tried to build my 5-inch quad with ESC Mamba 506 and FC T-Motor f4, but, I connected the wrong cable when connecting ESC to FC, so my T-MOtor F4 was fried. Then I replaced my T-Motor F4 with Mamba...
  9. J

    Flight Controller not getting power from battery.

    Hi, I have a drone I am building. The ESC is a DALRC ENGINE PRO 40A 4in1 ESC The flight controller is a Holybro kakute F7 v1.5 Flight controller. The ESC gets power when I connect it to my 4s battery. It does not power the Flight Controller. When I plug the flight controller into my computer it...
  10. M

    ESC Calibration with Naze32/Littlebee30A/Cleanflight)

    Hello guys, i am having a rough time training to build a quad. While i wait for my own parts, i have a old quad here to train on and i had to swap out the ESCs. The quad flew fine before. Main parts : -F1 Naze 32 rev6 FC -Littlebee 30A ESC x4 with Bl heli rev 14.9 flashed on all 4 ( was 2x...
  11. F

    DeathRoll, bad Motor? (BlackBox Footage available)

    Hey Guys, I am pretty new to the fpv hobby, so I dont quite understand everything yet xD. Problem: I've crashed my Quad pretty hard a week ago. ESC didn't seem to be working, as the motor would just jitter back and fourth. I checked that that was the problem, by soldering the Motor that wasn't...
  12. G

    1st build, i'm having problems with motors/esc

    hi this is my 1st fpv drone build and i am having some issue with motors/ esc. i mounted a Matek AIO F4 Flight Controller + PDB 4*30A + Bateflight OSD, motors Emax RS2306 - 2400KV, esc T-MOTOR F30A ESC-BLHeli 32BIT-2S-4S - DSHOT 1200 the reciever bind, i have the video on goggles, plugging the...
  13. T

    Weird twitching

    So I've been flying for about a year and I am an addict. Hi, my name is Ron and I am addicted to FPV...... I started with a Wizard x220 and now the only thing left of it is the frame, sort of. I've replaced everything on it including the frame. Ive built 3 other quads from the ground up and...
  14. M

    Hello from Chicago

    Hey everyone! New wizard pilot here with a pretty bad horror story. I just received my new ready to fly model a few days ago, and decided to do the whole 4S rewiring upgrade. Everything was going great my first flight until one of my ESC's caught fire. So, went to my local hobby shop and wired...
  15. N

    ESCs Not working Cleanflight

    Hi everyone I have troubles calibrating my escs in Cleanflight I have SimonK 12A ESCs, cleanflight v2.2.0 on a CC3D In the config panel I chose Multishot, as it seems Oneshot doesn't work at all Also when I try to calibrate them they just won't stop beeping - It starts with a little melody...
  16. raymonFPV

    Testing out the new Aikon AK32 esc's FPV freestyle VLOG 5

    Last week I got the new esc's from Aikon Electronics! The AK32 35A 6s blheli32 esc's!!! In this video I'm testing them out! My setup: Custom made 210 frame Aikon Electronics AK32 35A esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.2 GEPRC 5*4*3 props TBS unify vtx...
  17. I

    My Kwad acts weird occillations or vibrations

    Hello comuniti, i am new to all this and finally built my very first kwad or racing drone, but when i went to test it, was acting wery strange, callit occillations or vibrations, o dont know the term for this behaviour, note that this hapens when airmode is on, if i turn of airmode on one of...
  18. J

    1st Quad Probs..... Motors and Esc Speeds & Arming :(

    Hey everyone. So I've finished my 1st quad today. I have this set up. Armattan Chameleon Frame Matek F45 FC Matek PDB Cobra 2207 Motors Blheli 30amp Escs Everything's hooked up an kicking with regards to receiver video feed etc. So here's my problem, when I arm my motors only two of them...
  19. C

    Are these 2 items the same?

    Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 20A BB2 48MHz Blheli_S 2-4S 4 in 1 Opto ESC Support Oneshot42 Multishot 16.5 Dshot600 Sale - Banggood Mobile AliExpress Mobile - Global Online Shopping for Apparel, Phones, Computers, Electronics, Fashion and more
  20. L

    What's my bullet esc problem

    Eachine racer with 3306 emax motors and 20 amp escs, rev 6, regular pdb, everything is getting hot , catching esc on fire within minutes. Fly' s great though pods good.clesnflight and blheli suite. Any guess's