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That's a lesson in how not to make a YouTube drone video.
1. The best footage happens too late in the video after the vast majority of YouTubers have clicked away - front load your videos with the good stuff.
2. The thumbnail, though taken during a front flip looks just like a boring hovering gimbal shot. I should have used a more engaging freestyle fisheye closeup at an odd angle or mid-roll. This title is as exciting as a monument.
3. I released the video a week early and promoted it later, it didn't get any traction in YouTube feeds that early. I should have released it Saturday morning the holiday weekend.

Some decent flying around interesting subject matter on theme with a summer holiday, yet one of my worst performing videos.

Better luck next time.
Thanks! I'm not sure whether you like the drone audio or not. I like it, I knock it down ~20dB, I think it's more interesting than music alone. I don't leave it in all my videos but probably more often than not. I probably should eq the high end squeal off the tinywhoop audio though.
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