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Adding to my fleet...My birthday next week...


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Mar 9, 2016
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**** Dude!!
Good for you....I wan't to get a little better at flying before I add anymore,Just ordered some goggles and will finally go FPV.
I think I'm going to build a quad as well for my next one (going with the NEATO) dallas 220 or maybe the 180
super cool co. and have very nice frames! check them out!

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Happy Birthday...sounds like you have the right idea in purchasing lots of goodies. I like that little xjb. Does it also come with any coupon codes? I need some small indoor quads to practice on. That one looks good with the brushless motors, f3 and looks well protected..

Just tried to do some flying here. 32F but no wind. It was a no go. First battery and had a minor crash, bird went in the snow, got all wet. Dried it out but moisture must have got behind the FPV camera lens cover. I couldn't get it to clear. Also the tie wrap holding one of my radio TX wires snapped. No big deal but not stuff I want to deal with when its this cold. Decided to bag it for today and come inside. I've got someone cutting me two custom frames now, should be shipping next week. I'm really going to take my time with these builds. I've got enough birds to fly and really want to do a great job on these first builds.


Thanks! Yeah, it looks pretty cool, we'll see when I actually get it! Haven't heard too much good about Banggood shipping.

Thats awesome jerry, happy bday. That QAV-X looks awesome. Cant wait to here how you like it.
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I can't wait to build my own as well Jerry!
Post up some pics of your new babies as they show up!
As the weather goes, that really sucks man....hope you get to fly soon my friend!

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Have you guys seen the QX105 by eachine it looks prtty cool as well, comes with 2 batts. as well
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Nah, I haven't even got it yet. First time I've ever ordered from Banggood. God only knows when I'll actually get it.

Eachine BAT QX105 w/ AIOF3_BRUSHED OSD 600TVL CAM 1020 Motor Buzzer Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter BNF

I don't know about the qx105 but I bought a friend an Eachine ex105 and it is nice. More powerful than my srd101 from helipal for sure. The srd101 is loads of fun though and plenty of power for indoors though so I ain't mad.
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That does look pretty cool! I really got the XJB-75 so I can fly inside without doing too much damage. We still have a few more months of winter, then comes the rain!

Thats awesome guy's I still havn't made up my mind on the one I wan't.
There is so many of them ava. now.

Nice, Jerry! I'd also be interested to hear what you think of that QAV-X as I am currently gathering parts to build one. I considered buying the kit as well, but I didn't want to be locked into the parts that someone else picked out. Have fun with your new rigs!
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Will do! I'm looking forward to getting the QAV-X as well. I'm not very skilled with soldering just yet so I've been buying mostly RTF, ATF and BNF so far. I'm getting some minor soldering skills installing TX's, VTX's and doing repairs. I'm almost ready to start a couple of builds and I bought the Charpu QAV-X because it has a pretty decent reputation. Good luck with your build!

Jerry, the trick is to pre-tin the pads and the wire. You shouldn't be adding any solder at the time you are making the joint, it should be on the two parts already. If you do that, it is easy.

Yeah, I've been learning. I am pre-tinning and using flux. Just tough one my old eyes and not so nimble fingers!


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