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Cl_Racing f4S FC, XSR Receiver, Taranis x9, Need help


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Feb 17, 2018
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I just built my first FPV drone with CL_RACING F4S AND FRSKY XSR. And my controller is not working. I included what I have done below. After doing all this, when I move my controls on my Taranis radio, nothing is being received by betaflight. Please help.

1) SBUS From XSR to SBUS on CL_Racing F4s FC
2) Smarport from XSR to TELE on CL_Racing F4s FC

1) UART1 set serial RX on
2) UART3 set Telemetry output to Smartport
1) set RECEIVER MODE to Serial Based receiver
2) Set Serial Receiver Provider to SBUS
1) Channel map set to FrSky
I have the same setup for my Rooster frame, so you have a solid green light on the r-xsr?
And a solid blue along with the green?

EDIT: I misread, the xsr should have a solid green light only if it is bound propperly
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I have a solid green on the xsr. And a solid red and blinking green on the Cl_Racing f4 S fc.
I think the flashing green is a problem. Mine is red only solid until I arm, and then the green goes on and solid too.
I will post a couple picks, standby
Yes exactly the same wiring. The top is the same with the serial link lit and gyro and accel
I just tested mine, when I turn off the Taranis the FC starts the flashing green. Looks like your FC isn't seeing signal from the XSR, as soon as I turn on the Taranis and the XSR goes green the green flashing on the clr4s goes off and I have the red solid only
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