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Dumb down Mach25 and DX6e for a beginner?


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Jan 18, 2017
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Albany, CA

In lieu of buying a simulator, is there a way to dumb down the controls of a Mach 25 and DX6e for the purpose of learning them? Yesterday I was hoping to just leisurely hover to determine trim settings, but the Mach 25 shot straight up at high speed and then came back down equally fast, causing an impressive amount of damage.

Would some kind of throttle limiting or a milder acceleration curve help? I did a lot of tweaking in the process of binding the Mach 25 and getting the motors running, and may have accidentally changed settings I shouldn't have.

Otherwise, I really like Mach25/DX6 and hope to stick with it, rather than returning it for a lower performance quad, then eventually wanting it back.

I don't know anything about those but what Fc software does it have and what are your rates at?

Edit: whoa, I just looked it up and it doesn't say anything about software. So I don't even know if it has it? If it doesn't I have no idea.
Thanks for the response. I see a mention of AirWare software in the DX6e manual. I coudln't find anything about software in the Mach 25 manual. And, I wasn't sure where to look for my rates. What kind of rates?
Wha wha what?!? Skip the simulator?!?

Get yourself a sim! Freerider FPV and Freerider FPV Recharged both have free options and are like $4.99 and $9.99 respectively for the full versions. Worth it. I even paid extra because I thought the price was too low for what this programmer created.

Here is the link for Freerider:

FPV Freerider - itch.io

Here is a Joshua Barwell complete training series -- 25 lessons -- on YouTube using this simulator:

How To Fly A FPV Quadcopter / Racing Drone - YouTube

Fly the sim and save yourself possibly hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours in broken props, drones, and time sitting at home waiting for replacement parts. ;)
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Don't adjust gains those look your pids and will most likely screw up your flight characteristics not slow down rates? Not sure. I don't know how that works cause pids are in %, I don't know if 100% = 1, 50% = .50? How they listed it doesn't make sense to me. I can't even tell which does what because they have 2 sets of pids listed. That quad is like a souped up expensive toy. I wouldnt even repair it.

Here is info on what rate and expo is. You can adjust expo in you controller just google it for your. model. You normally do rates in the software of your Fc but your drone doesn't have any you can change through the computer.

"RC Rate" vs "Roll/Pitch/Yaw Rate" for Mini Quad - Oscar Liang
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It looks like all programming is done through the radio. The rates must be in there somewhere. Check the basic manual and also the advanced manual I linked.

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