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DVR Plug


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Nov 29, 2016
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Hey guys, I need a little help with a plug. My drone is set up to receive a DVR, it has the female plug built into the frame. A buddy went on Amazon and found a DVR that appeared to plug right in, so we bought them. They came in yesterday and there is no connector, just wires. I am in need of the male plug. The part number is a MX1.25 3 Pin Connector. I have done an internet search and found a place or two overseas but I was hoping to put my hands on one a little quicker. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Sorry about that Jerry, that's all I had to work with this morning. I don't have much more info at this point but I did snap a couple pictures to help figure this thing out. I have an email in with VIFly and they gave me a part number but that was it. That number is MX1_25 3 pin. I have asked where to get it but have not heard from them.

The top picture is the female connector permanently mounted on the drone. The next picture is the DVR we purchased.

IMG_3027.JPG IMG_3028.JPG
image.jpg Something else I have noticed to. The DVR has another port under where the cable is plugged into now. If you go to ViFlys site it shows a DVR hooked up but it is plugged into that smaller port. Maybe I need a whole new cable, a 4 pin for the DVR that would go to the 3 pin in the drone????

Looking at the photo you will see a 6 pin port and a 4 pin. The cable that came with the DVR is plugged into the 6 pin. However, on the VIFly site their cable is plugged into the 4 pin.
Thanks Jerry. That monitor is interesting. I am thinking the monitor works by connecting to my round antenna, 5.8 GHZ. Once it is connected there is a DVR inside of the monitor that records the flight. Am I correct? I assume that if this is the case than my goggles could be used by my wife or daughter at the same time I am viewing the monitor......correct?

Okay, I looked around a little bit. My best guess is you just need three wires. "5v", "gnd" and "video in" from the harness on the DVR to the same on the board in the bird. You should be able to just use something like this to see if it works. Just solder three single connectors (male to male in the picture of the item I'm linking) to the ends of the existing harness that came with the DVR.


I bet you could find those single connectors at any electronics store.

I bought a couple of these VIFLY FPV racing drones and had the same issue. Thanks for the info in this thread. I went ahead and purchased from the Amazon link (above) for $10 US, which included shipping. I just have to wait a 2-4 weeks.

I hope they work. If you want, have a look at the digikey link. Might be good to have both, and you can order just a few through digikey.. The pins are listed separately under "associated product".

cavalleydude can you please keep me posted?

For sure! I was just reading your posts on the ViFly R220, my son and I are flying them too. We bought the Eachine DVR's and we found the same problem with the plug, so we are looking forward to getting them to work. I mounted my GoPro Hero 3 on it yesterday and took it out for a test (after a week of flying, I felt okay to put my GoPro on it). It took some great video! It does make it a little top heavy with the GoPro, but still flew well... just have to watch banking too sharply. I'll have to edit the videos because right now the mp4's are too large to post.

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