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Hello everyone...


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Dec 18, 2016
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Hi all, I am very new to the rc hobby. I have always wanted to fly after having seem a guy run a heli when i was a young man. Never got around to it though. I only recently discovered what a racing drone is so i have committed to getting myself a quad. I had a simtransmitter i bought some time ago with the view to learn to fly...

I used the free rider app for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. I cant believe how dynamic and manuverable the quads are. Naturely i crashed alot so all is on track there.

I took the plunge yesterday and ordered a Horus, hopefully i dont regret spending the extra money on it over a taranis...
I have my eye on arf alien from Droneproz. I live in Western Australia. Cheers
Welcome to the from pixilPilot :)
Yeah, i couldn't help myself...i have to say i am so happy to have just discovered these drones. I saw Mr steel clip and thought wow, this is what i want to do. Up untill then i had never seen a racing drone and thought drones were for photography. These quads are simply amazing to me. They remind me of the game wipeout i used to play many years ago, only much much better. I cant wait to get my gear sorted and crash for the first time...:)

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