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flight controller

  1. M

    iFlight BLITZ F7 Flight Controller doesn't boot properly

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I crashed my iFlight Nazgul5 V3. I broke fans, one arm and a motor (it is stucked but still wired), all of which are very easy to replace. Unfortunately now when i try to connect the BLITZ F7 onboard controller (v1.1) to my laptop (Windows 11) I cannot see it as...
  2. T

    Matek F405-STD s1 and s3 not working

    Its my first build, I am not sure if I can fix this. So after connecting the battery no smoke it was relief and connected to Betaflight config motor rotation that time I noticed that motor 1 and 3 not working so I tested s1 and s3 with multimeter apparently no signal is coming comparing to...
  3. Lorenzmotors

    Flight Controller Learner's Kit?

    I'm relatively new to computer/electrical engineering, and I'm trying to learn how to build a flight controller from scratch. (Reinventing the wheel; I know). But, I need to know how it functions for my start-up Lorenz Motors to thrive. I don't want to be at a leadership position in the company...
  4. stefanpala

    FC overheats when plugged in BetaFlight

    Hello I've taken my drone out for a spin. Just to mention I have 0 experience with flying and couldn't get a simulator before I got too curious. It was a good flight, a couple of soft crashes, and all the controls and LED's were fine. Later when I got the drone clean, except for the beat-up...
  5. dalissonfigueiredo

    beginner choosing flight controller

    Hi, I am build my very first drone. I already have some parts: . 4 ESCs Emax 20A . 4 2000kv motors. . power distribution board. I wanna buy my flight controller next, I am thinking about the kakute f7 or the kakute h7. Could a flight controller be incompatible with a ESC? Are there any...
  6. P

    2 inch drone restarts when throttle is applied

    hey I'm an fpv nube so i don't know a lot but I am trying to learn as fast as possible i bought a used drone from rc groups classifieds and the seller wasnt much help as to what was on it after finally figuring out how to bind it Which was a little bit harder than it should have been because of...
  7. S

    Flight controller issue

    Hello.I build Y6 drone with old stuff and got problem after arming,all motors spining but no reaction from gyro and accelerometer when trying move drone by hand,throttle,roll and yaw not respond while disconnected from PC.Any ideas?Thanks
  8. A

    4in1 ESC not beeping at all, but powering up flight controller and another parts

    Hi everyone, newbie user here. So this is my first 5inch build, let me tell the story. last week I tried to build my 5-inch quad with ESC Mamba 506 and FC T-Motor f4, but, I connected the wrong cable when connecting ESC to FC, so my T-MOtor F4 was fried. Then I replaced my T-Motor F4 with Mamba...
  9. J

    Flight Controller not getting power from battery.

    Hi, I have a drone I am building. The ESC is a DALRC ENGINE PRO 40A 4in1 ESC The flight controller is a Holybro kakute F7 v1.5 Flight controller. The ESC gets power when I connect it to my 4s battery. It does not power the Flight Controller. When I plug the flight controller into my computer it...
  10. T

    I dont know whats wrong with my fpv racing drone!

    So I've got a problem with my fpv drone I had a solid red light on my drones flight controller ler so I looked it up online and every where it said it was a cooked flight controller so I bought a new one put it in after a month of waiting and it's the exact same problem I don't know what's up...
  11. P

    Eachine Wizard x220 flight controller replacement?

    So I'm a real noob, and got a prebuilt as my first drone. Took my first massive crash a while back and have finally gotten round to fixing it. I had issues with motors spinning at different speeds and decided it was issues with the ESCs after some tinkering. Four new 30A multistars later and the...
  12. M

    Looking for Flight Controler and PDB dealing with GPS gimbal FPV autopilot

    Hi! I have question with regard to choosing flight controller for racing hexacopter. My main doubts are connected with features of FC. To bring the issue closer, I will describe which functions I would like FC to have (included on board or able to connect to FC): - 6 (or more) motors support, -...
  13. E

    Beecore F3 Evo flysky cannot bind

    I am like many who have built or are building. Tiny whoop class craft with the above type of flight controller. It came pre installed with Cleanflight which I can connect to the controller and save changes. I cannot however get it to bind with the i6 RC . I tried to update the firmware which may...
  14. M

    Hello from Chicago

    Hey everyone! New wizard pilot here with a pretty bad horror story. I just received my new ready to fly model a few days ago, and decided to do the whole 4S rewiring upgrade. Everything was going great my first flight until one of my ESC's caught fire. So, went to my local hobby shop and wired...
  15. M

    Crashed my Crusader GT2 into snow, no connection to betaflight and transmitter

    Hello guys, i did a mistake and disarmed my drone over a field with snow. I found my drone with much snow on it, i disconnected the battery emidetly and putted the snow away. After i tryed out if the drone is still working, the video signal worked but i got the message from my transmitter...
  16. M

    Crashed my Crusader GT2 into snow

    Hello guys, i did a mistake and disarmed my drone over a field with snow. I found my drone with much snow on it, i disconnected the battery emidetly and putted the snow away. After i tryed out if the drone is still working, the video signal worked but i got the message from my transmitter...
  17. G

    Hobbywing xrotor f4 telemetry and smartaudio

    Hi Guys, I have connected x4r telemetry to URAT 3 tx and tbs unify vtx audio to URAT tx 6 but I am not able to get them working. URAT 1 is used by sbus which is working fine. Anybody having same issues?
  18. bmw546

    Help my Naze 32 won't enable the single servo gimbal

    Hi everyone. I have tried many time by following this video : (an the manual of the board) to make a single servo gimbal on my naze 32 acroflight rev6 I checked the box for the servo gimbal, but when i connect the servo to pin 1 it goes full on way(and eventually get hot) and i lose one...
  19. T

    RMRC or KISS or Crazepony F3 Flight Controller

    I want to build a quadcopter racing drone, looking for flight controller. I found a topic "Looking for FC recommendation" on here https://droneracingpilots.com/threads/looking-for-fc-recommendation.814/ . But for racing do not need GPS future. I also found that RMRC Seriously Dodo Flight...
  20. I

    My Kwad acts weird occillations or vibrations

    Hello comuniti, i am new to all this and finally built my very first kwad or racing drone, but when i went to test it, was acting wery strange, callit occillations or vibrations, o dont know the term for this behaviour, note that this hapens when airmode is on, if i turn of airmode on one of...