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  1. D_The_Producer

    Is there a way to calculate my Cinewhoop's MTOW or MTOM?

    Hi again friends! As I stated last week, I am new around here and also to the FPV world (though I'm an EASA certified pilot since last year and I am in several of this network of drone forums) I've been reading and watching videos like crazy the past few weeks but some questions still pop to my...
  2. A

    Help the noob!

    Hi guys, I am very new to the world of fpv. I bought an RTF package a few months back and have been loving it. It’s a 5inch 6s quad. Unfortunately while filming some on water sports, the quad went for a swim! I managed to get it back from the salty sea about 5 hours later. I washed it in fresh...
  3. B

    Please I need help ASAP

    Hi, can you help me with something? I’m building my own for drone I’ve got all my parts ready to go it’s just how did you attach your controller to the flight controller? I am a rc car hobbyist and I’m just confused on the receiver and radio part of it. I am currently studying electronics and I...
  4. Thebigskysky

    Keep smoking GPS modules

    I have a Flywoo Explorer LR with the GPS and like may others I was frustrated with the time it took to acquire sufficient sat lock after plugging in my battery (3-5 minutes). So following a video from TMac (link below) I wanted to isolate power to the module so that it can acquire its lock...
  5. N

    Newbie needs help!

    So as the title says im new to this hobby and new to the website. Ive bought a couple of drones to get into the hobby but im not the most technical guy in the world, my most recent issue is with my Eachine trashcan, I can barely get 1 minute flights before the batteries out of juice this is...
  6. Winks

    Failsafe trigger on liftoff?

    I've done my best to go through and see if there's a similar post to this, to avoid flooding the forum with unnecessary posts, but I haven't found anything yet. This is my first build and I'll do my best to provide as much information as I can. I'm using the dragon X5 frame and have my drone...
  7. 1

    Need help buying the correct parts for my first racing drone.

    Hi, So I have not been keeping up with the fpv drone racing world for quite some time now (3 years? been a while), but now I have some free time to build something. Here is what I know I want for my drone: fast, smooth, and efficient. - A 250 size drone on the zmr250 frame. Is there anything...
  8. D

    Quad flipping continuously But hovers fine! Please help!

    I just built a quad and everything seems to be in order. I took it out for the maiden flight and it ended badly! The quad would hover completely fine. I could pitch forward, backwards, roll slightly left and right, yaw left and right, and fly in circles no problem. I then tried a full roll to...
  9. G

    1st build, i'm having problems with motors/esc

    hi this is my 1st fpv drone build and i am having some issue with motors/ esc. i mounted a Matek AIO F4 Flight Controller + PDB 4*30A + Bateflight OSD, motors Emax RS2306 - 2400KV, esc T-MOTOR F30A ESC-BLHeli 32BIT-2S-4S - DSHOT 1200 the reciever bind, i have the video on goggles, plugging the...
  10. S

    Drone build

    Hi, Im doing a project for school where im building a (budget) drone. We've done quite some extensive research about all the parts and which parts we should get. We think we have our final parts list. The thing is we are scared that some parts might not be compatible with other parts. We have...
  11. B

    Receiver not interfacing with FC

    ok so this is my first time building a racing drone and i made a mistake buying the receiver/remote so i got the flysky i6 controller and with the flysky ia6 receiver not the ia6b receiver the one i bought is using either ppm or pwm and while my fc (which is the seriously pro racing f3 flight...
  12. V

    Making my first drone :D

    Hello everyone! I thought of making my first drone for a while now. I have small experience with rc cars, and electronics but nothing like FPV drones. My questions are : 1.what do you think are the best buget components . I think i need: Frame,camera,esc's,propellers,motors,transmitter and...
  13. N

    Hi! I`m new here! Need help (Mac)!

    Hey guys! My name is Jin, I`m here from Hiroshima, Japan. I recently bought a Eachine Wizard x220 ARF, and am having a multiple of issues....escpecially with software and driver problems. I own a 2011 Macbook Air (HighSierra) and have a FLY SKY FS-i6 transmitter. Problems: 1. I wanted to...
  14. T

    Weird twitching

    So I've been flying for about a year and I am an addict. Hi, my name is Ron and I am addicted to FPV...... I started with a Wizard x220 and now the only thing left of it is the frame, sort of. I've replaced everything on it including the frame. Ive built 3 other quads from the ground up and...
  15. M

    First Quad, need some help

    Hey guys, I am in some need of some help. way back in christmas, I got the kingkong 210gt from hobbyking, but I received a DOA drone, I contacted Hobby King, but they said that they could not replace it because they were out. So we got our money back, and I purchased the parts parts for...
  16. L

    new here

    hello, I'm new here. I have a JD 590 drone and am have trouble linking it to a Goourc vr hd01 headset. I've had both a while but never used the headset. because they don't come with batteries and the instructions seem to be written in some sort of hyogriphics or other strange long dead and...
  17. S

    Noobe need help!

    Hi all So i really want to get into fpv (not reacing) and i like to hear some recommendations frome you! Im not into racing so i want a long flight time (big battary) + a long range one Is there a good starter kit? (drone+controler+FPV Glasses) what is the average run time for adrone? what is...
  18. bmw546

    I accidentally cut my ar610

    i cut the long cable of my receiver specktrum ar610. (Like in the first 1/3 of the cable)
  19. B

    Eachine Wizard x220 not taking off

    I've setup using a config from this site, updated firmware to F4 and setup propellers in Quad X 1234 config and its not taking off please help!
  20. H

    Newb needing help!

    I just bought a torrent 110, and it has a dsmx receiver. I have a Taranis QX7 with an ORX module. I am having trouble binding the 2. This is also my first bind. I have watched several videos on binding, but I can't seem to get it right. Pleeeeeasseee help!