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DJI FVP Air Unit - Stops recording on it's own - HELP!


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Jul 27, 2022
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Recently purchase the DJI FVP Air Unit & Goggles. I'm mounting it to my RC car to record trails through my land. What's happening is my Air Unit stops recording on its own, The goggles continue to record fine but the air unit cant seem to continuously record long durations. I have up to date firmware on both air unit and goggles, I'm using the recommended SD card SanDisk Extreme, I'm actively cooling the unit with a fan for testing purposes because I thought maybe it was getting too hot, nope. Still happens.
I've tested multiple different SD cards, Im not getting SD card slow error.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Does that happen when stationary as well? If not it might be the vibration shaking the card contacts.
Would try other cards, maybe that one is faulty or a fake.
I think there is a reset function in settings, try that if it doesn't work sounds like you may have to return all parts and get them to sort it out. I am sure you would hate to do that because weeks of downtime. You could try the dji forum. DJI FORUM
There is a 4GB file size limit on the FAT32 file system most used just about everywhere. You mentioned long recordings – If recording high bitrate (4k/60 for example) it's not hard to hit this limit quickly. However, it immediately opens another file segment to record to.

Are you sure this isn't what's happening?

The air unit supports exFAT as well, I think (DJI FPV does) which does not have the 4GB limit.

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