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Good 180 Quads


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Jun 19, 2016
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SO i'm looking to get into racing drones, i've been flying phantoms and other cheap little quads for awhile
But i want to get a small fav racer. I've seen the eachine falcon (which looks awesome) and others but was wondering what you guys thought? Should i build my own or by a kit?

I went the "build your own" route. I already had a Spektrum transmitter and wasn't really impressed with the prebuilt offerings. I went with a ShenDrones Tweaker 180 for the frame and mostly RMRC electronics (ESC, vTX, motors, flight controller). The benefit of building your own is that you know how everything works. Also, if you break something, the parts are relatively east to get. In my case RMRC and GetFPV can deliver parts to me in 2 - 3 days. You also have more freedom to mix and match parts.

With that said, there are a few drawbacks. If it is your first build you there will be a lot of trial and error testing. I burnt up a couple of parts, found out that my initial receiver selection wasn't ideal and my vTX placement made it prone to damage. You can work around most of those issues by following a build that someone else has done for the same frame you choose. The one thing you cannot learn by watching reviews or reading articles is soldering. Good soldering skills are a requirement for doing your own build. My soldering skills started off below average and now I would say they are good enough. Lastly, the final drawback is cost. You are looking at $300 - $400 just for the drone if you use quality parts (RMRC, Tiger, Lumineer, etc). If you don't have wire or a soldering iron you are in it for even more. Goggles are also $200+.

Building your own drone is very rewarding, but it can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive.
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You may try catalyst machine works speed addict 180r. I have the 210r, it's a tight build though, so maybe not best for your first build, as you are limited on space and need to have tight wiring and soldering them to the board. Then again mine was my first (210r and 180r are exactly the same except for arm length) and I think I did fairly well.


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As you like small FPV racing drone,you can try 130 150 180 190 210 racing drones.If you didn't have DIY experience,i also don't suggest you to buid your own,it will take a long time and may make mistakes for the first time.If you want to try your first DIY drone,maybe i can ask our factory engineers to help you.

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