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Bro Drone

Nov 28, 2016
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I have caught the drone bug! I have been researching for a month now taking all this information in watching YouTube etc. I love tinkering and would like to build but budget is limited due to paycheck supports living (family+ wife). I have recently purchased a DJI phantom 3 standard. Really fun but I think a drunk monkey could fly one of those. Looking to upgrade to racing/freestyle drone but need a lot of practice. Thinking of buying one of these goolrc to practice with. Cheap ready to fly. Haven't seen allot of talk about them on forum. Any thoughts?? Any comments or ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Rtf Quadcopter Racing - Goolrc 210 Rtf Racing Drone Rc Quadcopter With Gc6 Transmitter Mode 2 F3a3
Considering the price, it looks pretty good. You might also check out the Eachine Wzard 220 on banggood.com. It is a little more pricey, but has a better flight controller, better ESCs, etc. The CoolRC will be limited to 3S batteries, where the Wizard will support 4S. They also have a BNF version that has some upgrades from the RTF but will cost more in the end after radio, battery, etc.

Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racer Blheli_S F3 6DOF 5.8G 48CH 200MW 700TVL Camera w/ FlySky I6 RTF Sale - Banggood Mobile
I have considered the emachine. Like the price of goolrc cuz if i decide to upgrade to 20a ESC's the tinkering comes into play. Learn some soldering skills. plus with 20a I can push a 4s lipo I think? Also don't see allot of compatibility issues so any ESC's/motors etc will work with any FC or PDB? So upgrade is possible with out a complete overhaul?
20A would probably be OK with 4S. Everything else would be OK except possibly the PDB. Need to know if the PDB can handle 80Amps continuous and 100A or 120A burst.

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