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So I bought in, this is what I have, now what?


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Jan 8, 2017
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I found a good deal locally on:

TBS Vendetta
Fat Shark v3
DX6 controller
2 batteries

I ordered an Orion Duo charger and some extra batteries for the goggles and drone

What is a good tool kit for working on the drone?

Is there anything else I might need?

How do you get started syncing everything together?

Thanks for you help I kinda just rushed into this...
If it was from the same guy and already flying together, you should be ready to go. Otherwise you will need to bind the radio to the receiver and probably configure the flight controller. It uses a powercube so you can set it up through the goggles using your radio.
I'll just wait right here for the I crashed my new drone video :)
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Ill try my best!

Do try lol. Don't worry we've all mucked up a quad I'm sure. I hate admitting it but I lost my first quad on like the 4th flight :-( I still lose sleep over it.

But as far as tools?
I use a team associated multi bit screwdriver for the field cause it has everything I will ever need in 1 tool.

I have a prop tool but I like to use a socket wrench just because it's fast and easy but not necessary. Use whatever.

Workshop tools you will probably want to invest in a good soldering iron, some larger size tweezers, needlenose plyers, and that's just about everything you need. At least all I can think of that I couldn't live without. I mean I have a ton of tools but they are all preferential.

I think you will like the vendetta it's pretty solid. The dx6 series are really easy to bind and setup. Just look up the manual online and it will tell you everything you need to know as far as setting up your video and stuff. The only thing you should HAVE to do when you get it is set your video channel and bind your radio. You might have to change some spektrum setting. I think you have to change throttle outputs and maybe reverse aileron but the manual will tell you for sure.

Try looking on YouTube and google for answers as many people hate answering the same questions every 2 days or typing out a long instruction guide when there are 598 videos on youtube of the same thing.

They're are a ton of videos online on how to setup the vendetta. This I know because I was thinking of getting one when I first got into fpv.

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