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Solder startion


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Oct 10, 2016
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Well, my trusty trakpower soldering station took a poop on me last night. I'm pretty sure the fuse in it blew because I accidentally plugged it in while it was powered on and now it makes a good paper weight. I tore it apart and found the fuse but it's soldered in and I have no idea what size it is. So....not wanting to be without a soldering station while I fix it I decided to buy a new one. I was pretty set on the hakko fx-951 but took a chance and bought one of these. It has a money back warranty and the heating plate on it looks like it would be perfect to flash circuit boards like a vtx. I'm pretty confident this station will make life easier and work just as good as my trakpower. Not to mention it's DIGITAL! Lol. Can't wait to play with it and see what features will be most useful.

That looks good and is loaded with plentt if gear. I was looking into getting a hakko station without heating gun ect. No where near the value in your station. For light use i probably should go with this one...
Looks like they dont ship overseas and not even to hawaii due to damage in transit...
There warranty is really good and I've actually been doing some research on the company and most the reviews are really good.
IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0527.JPG Well, not that anyone cares lol, but I got the new setup and it works great. Definitely not the highest quality but everything works well and gets the job done fast and easy. Also fixed my trakpower station with it. Wasn't the fuse. It had two rotten wires. One was so bad it broke off and the other was all burnt out on the inside. Took me awhile to figure out what was going on. Finally I broke down and started testing everywhere and found the bad spot in the wire. Weird that it just happened out of nowhere. Best news is I didn't electrocute myself in the process. So now I have a travel station and a home station. So overall I'm very happy and would recommend the product. It comes with a nice magnifying desk lamp that I was excited about because it's much better than the one I use. Unfortunately the light didn't work on it. After going through the wiring on it I think it's just a bad bulb but it's a really weird shaped one. I don't think it would be easily replaceable. So I might modify it with leds. The Wesome news is I emailed the company and they told me to Thor it away and the will ship me out a new one Monday. So I'm pleased with that. They got back to me super fast on a Saturday none the less. So now I get to mod the broke one and get another free one. This guy is happy.
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