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Feb 24, 2017
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I have an Eachine racer 250 and I was wondering if I could use triprops without drawing to many amps or drawing too fast from my battery. I believe they are Simonk 12a escs and I use 1800 3s glacier batteries (some 45c and some 75c). If so, what are ethernet best triprops to look for?

Also, I usually land my quad when I notice the voltage drops under 10.5 when I punch full throttle, but when I do that, my charger only puts back in like 800-900 mah. What's the best time to land without damaging the battery, but getting the max flight time I can?

Thanks! Hopefully I can start my own build soon!
If you are concerned about blowing an ESC, get lower pitch tri-blades like 5030. I don't know for sure, but I think it would handle those. Of you blow one, just get 20A replacements.
I want to try the RaceKraft 5051 prop
I just ask because I noticed slight puffing in my batteries and I don't run them that low, I was wondering if maybe the motors have to work super hard when I punch it
I know nothing about what style props to use except the lower the pitch the less control/snappiness. I started using 5030's, now I'm using 5045 but those 5051's look killer. as for motor draw I'm not sure. Both my quads have 20A ESC's so I should be ok
I assumed that the higher the pitch the more thrust and more snappiness but does it hurt the motors or ESC's with higher pitch?

I'm so thankful for this Forum and all the help given.....Thank you OrangeGreen& all

Green (theGreenOrange) is one helpful SOB! I'm very grateful for his willingness to help me and others.

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