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We're in Texas!! Finally got to fly a little...


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Mar 9, 2016
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Getting everything packed up and ready to go!



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...And my Mavic Pro stuff!


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WOW! Thats impressive Jerry. This may be a stupid question but whats happening in Texas.......besides you flying? Holiday trip or some kind of drone convention? Or none of my business. Either way buddy thats a heck of a collection of quads!
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Scott (? Bad with names),

The wife and I are going down to get away from the cold! We set up 4 different places that we'll stay at for about a week a piece. Our daughter lives in Austin so we'll visit with her first. We'll be looking at some properties down there as well. We've got "Paradise" here but it's a big place and with the kids all gone it's too much for us, plus we both hate the winters the older we get. We've got a lake home in MN so we'll spend the summers there and the winters in TX. That's the plan anyway.

Yep, you got it right Jerry, it's Scott. Man that sounds like a great plan and I gotta say, I'm envious of you having all of those places to live and/or visit. It's great to hear other folks enjoying life. My line of work will never allow me to be wealthy but it has shown me that we should make everyday count. Tomorrow is not guaranteed is something people say all the time but I wonder if they realize how fragile life really is. Sounds like you are making it count Jerry, and thats good stuff.
We have one daughter who is 13, so I have a few more years before it will just be the wife and I again. I have right at 10 years before I retire, and when I do my dream (our dream, me and the wife) is to retire somewhere near the water. I'm not gonna rush life though, it will be here before we know it.
Merry Christmas my friend.

I hear you. High School dropout, six years active duty USMC, struggles with addiction, a little bit of homelessness and a hard working entrepreneur. Life is extremely fragile and many don't know it. I wasn't at many of the kids events, didn't do vacations, wasn't the wrestling coach, was too busy trying to make money. Everything is paid for, kids are out starting their own lives leaving me and my wonderful wife of 30 years to start a new journey. We've come a long way from our $160 a month, 100 year old farm house rental! Now it's our turn. Merry Christmas, my friend! I'll leave you with a shot of from Paradise and the lake...


Wow Jerry,........breathtaking beauty in both videos. Great footage as well, awesome job.

You have seen some rough times, no doubt you get it. I have found that the rough times that I have experienced made me a better, or rather a stronger person. You can really appreciate the good if you have seen the bad.
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Nice set of drones and equipment Jerry! Nice videos and pics! Have fun and post more pics! My son got got me interested in this hobby/sport. It's cool to hear and see other people enjoying FPV drones from all over the world. Enjoy dude! PS: I'm going to Home Depot today to buy a couple of those Rigid toolboxes like you have. Any suggestions on that?

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Thanks, looking forward to our trip! On the Rigid, just pay attention to what you get. If you get all of the set they actually clip to each other. The big bottom case clips to the next and the next and the next...makes a great, stable way to move stuff around. It's really cool to see you and your Son enjoying the quads together!

Hey Jerry, safe travels my friend. I will be looking for your posts whenever you make it back on.
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Thanks, Green! Should hit the first place, around Austin, Friday night. We'll be there for about 10 days, then down to the coast of Galveston for another 8-10 days. Then a stop for another week around Conroe.

I haven't done that yet but I did something similar a while back. I don't think the Phantom or Mavic could keep track of a racer.


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Well we made it to destination number 1, Jonestown, about 30 miles or so from Austin. Got out of the cabin this morning to have a look around. I don't think I'm going to be doing a lot of flying "out the back door", like I can at home. I'm going to have to do some scouting to find some places to fly.


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