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Who's building a Drone Drone? FPV Racing needs a AI powered Drone to chase

Chris G

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Mar 13, 2016
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My son has a 1.5 meter Powered Glider, that he can pilot quite well, my 250 quad can occasionally catch him, but this game of cat and mouse isn't practical.
We need a self navigating drone, than can follow a general path, with obstacle avoidance, as a Mouse, and we pilot our drones to chase the Mouse, and capture it. And as an added feature, the Drone-Drone can be set to Chase mode, and try to catch your piloted drone.
The system would need a capture/caught sensor, perhaps digital image lock, or a proximity sensor on each drone, I think actual impact with the other drone would be a disqualification, so within 5 feet would count as a capture, noting that a high speed pass will not count, you need to stay within the set range for a number of seconds.
How does this sound?

Who has already played Cat and Mouse with their racer?
Who has tried hanging a streamer off the Mouse Drone, and chase until you can cut off a piece?
Can do. You need telemetry and gps on BOTH the target and the chaser with a piggyback computer (Edison, Pi, etc) running a subset of our code. We can do line in trail formation modes which is pretty much what you are asking for, automated. Or are you thinking about manual piloted chase and capture?
Hey Jaz, very cool, but I'm thinking that either the Cat or Mouse would be flown manually, while the other is autonomous.

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