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DRL Releases First Race of 2016, Crowns Steve "Zoomas" Zoumas Champion


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Mar 5, 2016
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NEW YORK, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Drone Racing League (DRL) released their first full race of the 2016 season, "Level 1: Miami Lights," and announced Steve "Zoomas" Zoumas was the winner of the league's first race. On the most complex racecourse ever built outside a video game, 12 elite drone pilots from around the globe pushed the limits of FPV flight. "Zoomas" won with a masterful performance of aggressive racing and precision flight, defeating top competitors and renowned drone pilots Rekrek, FlyingBear and M0ke. As the first winner of a DRL race, Zoomas will be the favorite heading into the second race of the DRL season, "Level 2: LApocalypse," to be held in Los Angeles, CA at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall later this month.

The final episode of the DRL race "Level 1: Miami Lights" can be viewed here: Level 1: Miami Lights - Final Episode.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be the first DRL winner, and competing at this level of drone racing is a dream," says Zoomas. "At DRL, we're up against the most talented pilots in the world, on thrilling and extreme courses with incredibly impressive production scales. It's unlike anything I've experienced in this community before. FPV racing already provides such an adrenaline rush, winning a DRL race takes it over the top."

Steve "Zoomas" Zoumas from Wading River, NY, grew up racing ATV's and dirt bikes, and was drawn to the immersive experience of FPV flight. He now fills his need for speed and competition through FPV racing, and is eager to defend his first title against the best pilots in the world.

DRL's first race of the 2016 season, set in the iconic Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, showcased the most dynamic and challenging FPV racecourse ever created. Race organizers have promised to keep pushing the boundaries of course design to test pilot skills aggressively in upcoming races, with surprise features and new obstacles to come.


For Level 1, pilots traveled from four different countries to compete on the first of its kind course and the inaugural DRL race. To learn more about pilots from Level 1: Miami Lights, click here: DRL Standing and Pilot Profiles. For an overview of the 3D, kilometer long course through Sun Life Stadium, watch this video:Level 1: Miami Lights Course Animation.

To learn more about FPV flight and test your hand against the DRL pilots, try the latest version of the DRL FPV Simulator. The simulator, which can be downloaded here, gives fans at home the chance to fly an animated version of the Sun Life track.
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