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MSH joining the fpv race mania!


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Mar 30, 2016
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New MSHeli Tetras 280 fpv race quad!
Integrated PDB, new elliptical shape CF arms, optional servo tilt flight cam, tiltable motor mounts.

Tetras - Features | MSHeli
Looks cool, but the frame appears like it has a lot of plastic even if the arms are supposedly CF.... Plastic doesn't work to well for racing quads. OK for other toy style quads but "Racing = Crashing". and in case you haven't experienced it yet, "Crashing = Bouncing or Breaking"

Would you prefer heavy aluminum to weigh it down? Ideally the plastics would be a durable plastic such as used for MSH Gorilla Gear skids, or better yet what RPM uses to make parts for RC trucks. Durable, strong, and lightweight, much better than aluminum. Plus MSH is partially known for keeping it lightweight.

However, I would not be surprised if Rakon made some CNC aluminum parts. Lynx, from what I can tell, seems to have a working relationship with MSH so maybe Lynx will do something for the Tetras. You never know.
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I guess you are talking to me, since I was last reply before your answer. You are using a double-negative in your statement "Would you prefer heavy aluminum to weigh it down? ".

I was just giving you an honest opinion about what will happen in a typical crash. The Walkera suffered from this same effect of mixing plastic parts in critical junctures. I can easily see this happen with this quad body also. I LOVE the looks, but looks won't help it survive a hard crash. That plastic will break. Carbon fiber is less likely to. If you have any input with the designers have them research the Walkera 250 and see what people experienced. They break.. and very easily unfortunately. Great flyers and look good.. but they have too much plastic and thin decks.
That's not a double negative or even a statement. It's a question and the fact is aluminum is heavier than plastic and the quad would be weighted down if all the plastic was replaced be aluminum.

I understand your concerns of the plastic parts breaking under impact stress and I wasn't disputing that, I was simply pointing out that there are ways around that. Another thing to add is that aluminum may not break as easy as some plastics but it can bend and it's not easy to bend back. MSH used a good carbon blend plastic for the airframe on their Protos 500 and it withstood crashes well from what I read so if they use the same blend plastic, it should be fine. I have asked Corrado on HF forum about what plastics he used so I will find out from the source of the Tetras.

I'm not trying to start any kind of argument, my inlayed point is just that until people start getting their hands on it and crash it, we don't know how it will withstand the beatings of racing and we shouldn't be making assumptions or drawing conclusions based on someone else's model.
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Hey Jomaba4308! I apologize if I sounded overly critical and you felt I was attacking your statements. That was not my intention at all.

I was just trying to say that "heavy aluminum" and "weigh it down" were two statements in one sentence that "sounded" to me like improving the frame in those areas would necessitate a doubly adverse solution to fix it. That is why I referred to the Walkera 250 as an example. That is also why I suggested if you had any dialog with the designers you help them make sure not to make the same mistakes Walkera did.

If they are using a composite material that will certainly help! Once again, I apologize if my post gave you the impression I was trying to be offensive. I assure you I was not!

No worries, my statement was just that the aluminum would be heavy compared to plastics and act as anchors.

I did find out that the plastics used in the Tetras are the same carbon composite that was used for the Protos 500 frame.

For me the Tetras looks to fulfill most things that I want. I do want to change the XT60 out, hopefully not too hard. Although my bigger issue is the battery leads being exposed underneath, I have an idea for a simple skid plate to protect the battery. Just need to have the quad in front of me to get any farther than an idea.

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