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New to everything drones.


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Jan 4, 2017
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Hello all,

Bought my first drone a few months ago. It's a blade mach 25. I'm interested in drone racing and looking for a good place to learn and grow. Currently I've just been flying line of sight, for I have issues focusing with the teleporter goggles, I think my head is to big. I have not gotten to the point where I can fly full acro yet but working towards it.
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Welcome CP! I think you will find what you are looking for here. This is a great group of folks on this site always talking about drones, particularly racing drones. I am new and learning myself, it just takes time. Have a look around, glad you are here.
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Hi, welcome to the site. I find Acro is much easier in FPV than it is in LOS. Generally flying is easier to me in FPV, but especially Acro. I finally can do several laps around my house with my micro drone in FPV before crashing, which took about 30 batteries of practice due to one hard turn into a narrow hallway. I would say outdoors, you will be flying pretty well in Acro after 5-10 batteries since you already can fly LOS.
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About the goggles, you might try the single screen type, like Eachine EV800 or Kylin (I forget the model). Also, they are way cheaper and have bigger field of view. Being pretty big and funny looking is the only issue. I fly with them. You don't fly drones to pick up women anyways. That isn't gonna work with fatsharks either xD
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Welcome to DRP C.P. .:)
Lol, thanks for the kind welcomes and advice. I will definitely look into to those goggles. Might actually order them today. I've browsed around the forum a little and it seems like a great place!
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Jerry, I thought the Fat Sharks would do it, picking up chicks that is.....no way my Marvel Vision are gonna, my wife won't like that either. By the way, I had them on today for 2 batteries! I have six batteries on the way and one being repaired at the shop for a total of 9. Im gonna get this FPV thing!
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