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Noob here. Any Falcon 250 upgrades I should do?


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Jan 29, 2017
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I been flying my Eachines Falcon 250 for a few days now by LOS. I'm doing pretty good in my opinion (going low and slow). I don't face the drone to me as it reverses the controls and I pretty much fall out of the sky. But I will be an FPV guy as soon as I get my antennas for my cheap goggles (found out the stock antennas are crap, the hard way).

I'm looking to replace the camera. I've researched the eachine 1000tvl ccd but read I would have to do some soldering. Any one know how? I'll also be getting the VR800 eachine goggles.

It depends on the camera and VTX. The camera will need to be connected to your VTX with 3 wires. One wire to the 5v+, one to the ground (negative) and one to the video. The colors of the wires will typically be 5v+ (red), negative (black) and video (yellow). Take a look at the connector of your existing camera and how it currently connects to the VTX. It may have plastic block connections on each end, one on the VTX and one on the camera. If it does then it could be plug and play. If not, you may want to ask someone that solders to make the three wire connection for you. I'm fairly new to soldering and recently replaced a VTX. Although, I got it done it was a bit of a PITA. The connection points are extremely small and require fairly precise soldering and a pretty steady hand. I've soldered the header pins on to my FC and have done a few other soldering jobs now but anytime I have a soldering job to do I still get a bit anxious.

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Thank you good sir. That was the exact info I was lookin for. What colors went where. It's been a long time but I am familiar with soldering. You are the man
Check some YouTube reviews on that camera before buying, but the specs look good. There is no OSD so if the default settings aren't good you are stuck.
I've seen the side by side comparison to the stock camera it's it much better IMO. Thats another thing. I'm not sure how to hook everything to a screen or monitor if it could be.

Another issue was I really wanted to use a simulator first but my computer can't find the driver to load for my eachine transmitter. I can't find it anywhere online. It's a bummer
What does retagged mean? I can't believe there's no diver to be found. It's 2016 for Gods sake.

Well I also ordered the wizard x220 with flysky transmitter from Grayson Hobby. Hope that transmitter will connect to my pc. If not, looks like I'm learning the old fashioned way. Just waiting for it to arrive. I've been bitten by the drone bug it seems
I got the cable that connects transmitter to pc. Thats how I found out that my pc couldn't fine the driver. It searched but found nothing. I'll wait for the flysky & hope!
I ended up with a cable similar to that one and it worked for my FlySky TX but nothing works for my Eachine i6 TX(which is the same as the FlySky) but at least something is working/. Thanks Man
No, Im good. I originally bought the firmware cable and that didn't work on anything, so I bought the "simulator" cable(they kinda look alike)...and now Im on FreeRider and it works.

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