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Are there any Eachine Assasin 180 Owners Here?


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Mar 7, 2016
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I am looking for some assistance with an Eachine... or more likely my Flysky TX. I am taking baby steps into this and I bought an Eachine and made the mistake to factory reset the TX :eek::oops::rolleyes:
Since then I can't get it to bind with the quad. I have used the same TX since then on a bigger Tiny Whoop with success so I am not sure if the problem lies in the quad, the TX or most likely the operator! :D

Any suggestions? I use Cleanflight by the way.
Are you following this procedure?

Insert bind plug into RX
Power receiver (led flashes fast)
Hold bind button on TX and power on TX
(led flashes slow)
Unplug bind cable (led solid)
unplug receiver power
Plug receiver back in (led solid)
Yes. There are three led's, flashing green, a red that flashes briefly at power up and a blue that stays solid. I assumed the blue was the light I am looking for to blink with the bind plug in it. I have tried everything with this that I can think of.
Well, I looked everywhere and don't see any documentation for binding. You could look on the receiver board and see if there may be a small button on it for binding?
The bind plug is suppose to be all you need to bind it... as far as I know but as you saw, there is no info on the web. I wrote Banggood and they told me it was past 90 days so tough luck... wouldn't even direct me to a web site or anything.
On my fly sky radio I had to set the receiver type to ppm in settings

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Also not sure which Flysky you have, but there are manuals online. Search with your model number and 'pdf'.

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